Sunday, January 3, 2016

Best Movies Of 2015

As 2015 began to wind on down I was worried that I wouldn't even have enough good movies to create a top ten list. Turns out that better movies came out in the last few months which even though Camille reminds me of this each year I still rage against it demanding good movies all year long, not just during award season. I looked through and read my reviews for every new movie I watched this year and even included five honorable mentions. Click here to check out my Top 12 Best Films Of 2014.

You know I really enjoyed a movie when I was expecting car chases and explosions but end up seeing a movie where people wear clothes that when I see them in posters immediately turn me off as a movie goer.

Quote from review. “This movie was good. It wasn't an explosion fest, there's not a ton of violence, a dog gets shot, and I could not figure out how this was going to end. I thought it was going one way, it went another, then I figured out how it'd go, then it didn't.”

If you had seen me in the theater watching this movie you would have thought that I had personally invested money in this and my livelihood depended on the success of it. This film was awesome as shit.

Quote from review. “I think if I had any complaint it would be Thor. I am just not digging him but it isn't enough to change my opinion about this movie. Go see it along with the rest of the world.”

I am not sure why I gave this a 9 instead of a 10 considering it was one of few Blu-Rays and soundtracks I got this year. I have watched this close to twenty times since buying it. I love this movie and if you don't chances are we'll never be close.

Quote from review. “For anyone that says the fire guitar guy is stupid think back to the drummers and flute guys that used to be at the head of armies marching. At least fire guitar guy has a weapon.”

I was so happy watching this in theaters. I'm not a fan of the stars but as I sat there cheering early in the day with a few other people in the theater I knew that I was watching something special that no one else was.

Quote from review. “I really enjoyed this movie. This summer has been full of crumby ass movies with one or two sprinkled in to give me hope. This one will for sure be in my top ten favorites of the year.”

Definitely one of my favorite movies of last year. It was just as good the second time around. Like a lot of movies last year the trailer didn't do it justice and spoiled it at the same time.

Quote from review. “I laughed, I cheered, I screamed “Fuck!” when he did after something went wrong.”

A movie that I had heard of and it looked sad as shit but turned out to be not as sad as I thought and way better than I could have imagined. Looking back it turns out I have liked a lot of films about people not being able to leave a small space.

Quote from review. “Cam liked this movie more than I did and after sleeping on it and thinking of it as the dentist drilled into my mouth this morning I enjoyed the movie more.”

Hard to watch yet difficult to look away from. Like me nude. This movie was absolutely brutal and incredible.

Quote from review. “The way it was shot was creative but not overbearing. The music fit every scene. This was just super good and I'd definitely watch it a few more times and tell others to.”

A movie I didn't know existed until tickets were purchased. This was really good and worth everyone checking out since you will be hearing a lot more about it very soon.

Quote from review. “I had this mixture of being happy that Einar could be who he believed he truly was as Lili and feeling terrible for his wife who was watching her husband become another person but trying to be supportive.”

One of those movies that made me happy that movies are a thing. It happens every year or so.

Quote from review. “The look of this movie was very good as well as the acting. I liked seeing Saoirse and Tony together in this. He reminded me of Ryan Gosling in Drive but less killy.”

So stupid that more people have not seen this and have not gotten a chance to because it is so good.

Quote from review. “This is not getting great reviews but that shouldn't stop you from checking it out. Learn to be an adult and make your own choices!”

Honorable Mentions

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