Friday, December 19, 2014

Top 12 Best Films of 2014

As bad of a year as it was for movies (click here to check out my Top 12 Worse Films Of 2014) there were way more good movies than I thought there'd be. Some I didn't expect much from and others came out of nowhere to blow my mind. Here is my list of the Top 12 Best Films Of 2014.

This movie was fucking awesome. The first film was better than it had any right to be and this was even better than the first. If you had told me years ago that out of all of the Marvel films that Captain America would be the best one I never would've believed you. This movie made me cheer in the theater which is rare. No, its not. I'm ghetto as fuck.

Quote from review. “That part where he catches the shield that is thrown at him looks so cool because by this point we've seen Cap do more with his shield than in previous movies so we know what the fuck it can do. Then wa-pow! Fucking Winter Soldier just catches it and tosses it back like 'I think you dropped something, bitch.'”

I knew nothing about this movie going in and ended up just falling in love with it. This was a movie that was a movie. I know that makes no sense. It is one of those movies that made me happy that movies are a thing. So of course no one saw it. Cam and I left the theater smiling.

Quote from review. “This wasn't a mean spirited movie and it had plenty of opportunities to be one. The music, the pacing, the scenery, the feel, the acting, everything was on point. There was not a wasted moment in this.”

This one split so many people down the middle. I loved this movie. The part where Godzilla finally cuts loose and roars and later shoots his laser beam the audience clapped and me and this other guy that was way too excited cheered when it happened.

Quote from review. “I told my cousin that I would've shit myself hearing that thing scream in real life.”

I was happy to see this movie with Dashuh because we had just watched the first one. I never would've guessed that this movie would make me as happy as it did. The image of monkeys riding horses holding rifles is burned into my head forever.

Quote from review. “When I say that this movie was damn near close to perfect I mean it. This is one of those movies that reminds me of why I love the whole movie going experience so much.”

Come and get your love! I made so much fun of this movie when I first heard it was being made. Who gives a fuck about any of these characters? Turns out everyone! The visuals, the acting, the music, the directing, just everything was fun about this movie. I am gonna buy a Blu-Ray just to own this movie.

Quote from review. “Turns out that not only did they make an incredibly entertaining movie, they made the best Marvel film to date. This was hands down better than any superhero team that has ever been made. I know that I'm talking it up pretty big but that's because its true.”

This was a weird, small film but was so good. I had a lot of fun watching this and hated waiting for the soundtrack to come out. Not many people have seen this which sucks because its such a fun and odd movie with a great cast and very original story.

Quote from review. “This movie is playing in very few places right now and was budgeted through Kickstarter costing only $1 million. That's a lot to me but is close to free in movie making world. If you get the chance to watch this please do.”

Cam told me about this movie and said that I needed to eat before seeing it. Me and my cousin Mala checked this out and thank god we listened because it is full of so much food! This was a movie that seemed like it wouldn't be that good based on the premise but turned out to be one of my favorite films this year.

Quote from review. “This is one of those movies that not only will make you hungry as all get out, but just is a flat out decent film. The music was good, the acting was good, the look of the film was good.”

Goddamn this was a good movie and no one saw it or even knew it existed! I had just read the book and got so excited when the movie came out a month or so later. This was a perfect movie and I'm not sure why I didn't give this a 10. This is another one I need to own.

Quote from review. “When violence happens it is quick and hard. The performances felt real. When someone was being scary it felt scary, when someone was nervous I felt nervous, when someone got shot I sharted.”

Its so funny that this turned out to be a cool as it did. I had zero desire to watch this but my cousin suggested it so I checked it out. This movie earns its R rating. It reminded me of one of those old films from the 80's that has a basic revenge plot but done perfectly.

Quote from review. “This is a damned good movie. It helped fill that straight up action movie void that has been missing this summer. There has been a lot of action movies the last few months that had lots of explosions but didn't quite deliver. This movie did.”

This is the best movie of the year. If you missed this you should feel empty inside. I don't need to say any more.

Quote from review. “After seeing Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) this morning I could not think of one reason why not to give it a 10 and realize that this was one of the strangest and original films I've seen.”

This was the biopic of the year. Every year there is one of these but I tend to not like them very much. This movie was damned good and in a few months more people will be talking about it. This was a long movie but felt like it flew by pretty fast. Great acting, music, and story.

Quote from review. “This is a very adult movie. It is two and a half hours long, has nudity, and so much man penis.”

While this was one of the best movies of the year the last half hour made me cut this down from a 10 to an 8. Great acting, direction, and all that but...damn it. I wish there was a version without that last 30 minutes. It almost ruined this for me.

Quote from review. “I would watch this again but it isn't the must see movie that I was expecting mostly because of the last half hour of it. It becomes a David Fincher film. I could have just said that instead.”

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