Tuesday, December 2, 2014

DVDiculous: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Koko and I checked out this movie The Grand Budapest Hotel. I'd wanted to see it a while back and for whatever reason just never got around to it. It is directed by Wes Anderson and if you like his stuff chances are you'll love this. Personally, this was close to being my favorite film by him.

It is a very strange story told by a man who is telling a story of what he was told by another man whose tale is really about another man. Yeah, you try and make sense of this crazy ass movie. This is the story of a young bell boy played by Tony Revolori that is taught how to do his job properly at the hotel by a man played by Ralph Fiennes that sleeps with older ladies that come and stay at the hotel. One of them passes away and he races to be at her funeral.

He arrives and her greedy children are all there. Once they are involved the story gets even crazier. There are murders, threats, maiming, prison, insane snow chases, and a really good cast. A huge cast. I only knew of one person that was in this movie and in almost every scene I said “Oh, that's...” as someone else appeared. This was a really good movie but requires another viewing because there is just so much happening that I know I missed a lot of it.

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