Thursday, December 4, 2014

All Grown An' Shit 6

Its time to be a dirty old man. I don't want to be but the fact that I'm old and a man kinda makes me lean towards it. I saw an interview on TMZ with one of the chicks on this All Grown An' Shit and I wondered what she had been up to and thought “Hmm. She turned out cuter than I thought.” Because I'm an asshole. And because I am paying for the sins of the young men of the world that judge girls when they are young who turn out hot.

Abigail Breslin 18 (Little Miss Sunshine)

This is who I was talking about up there. I thought that she would turn into this weird looking woman like some famous people do. But she didn't. She is a pretty young girl and doesn't seem to be heading down a stupid path.

She has started a music career and recently has been fighting with fans of 5 Seconds Of Summer. Its a boy band. Don't be upset for not knowing who they are. That is not your world nor mine. And, good lord, her boobs are huge! Hey. I'm just pointing out the obvious. Leave me alone.

Ivana Baquero 20 (Pan's Labyrinth)

This chick has been in some movies since I first saw her but I have never seen or heard of them. I figured that she would now be in some university overseas or something because I'm like an ostrich and if I can't see it it doesn't exist.

She grew up way different than I thought she would. She got tall for one. I didn't see that one coming. If I saw her in the street I wouldn't know who she was because she doesn't really look the same. Her nose and mouth, sure. But I'd never know her from one of my favorite films.

Emma Watson 24 (Harry Potter)

The most surprising because if you had asked me years ago what I thought she would be doing or would look like as an adult I would've said that she would be a weird looking chubby girl with an accent that was doing conventions to make money wearing outfits from Hogwart's. Because I'm a dick.

About a year ago I saw a picture of her and immediately ran to the internet to find out how old she is. There is nothing worse than being a for real dirty old man on accident. She was 22 at the time of that picture so I felt dirty but not Chris Hanson dirty. This girl got hot and will get hotter over time.

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