Sunday, February 2, 2014

What About Chris Hero?

I'm a huge fan of Chris Hero formerly known as Cassius Ohno. Everyone is sitting around debating whether or not CM Punk is staying or going, meanwhile WWE had one of the best guys in wrestling in their hands and let him slip through. There's no definitive explanations as to why he was released. There have been speculations such as he was just not a good fit, bad attitude, to his conditioning. Either way it sucks for fans that wanted to see him in WWE. 

Hero rose through the indies with all of the guys that are being praised as the ones putting on the best matches and the future of wrestling right now such as Punk, Daniel BryanSami ZaynSeth RollinsDean Ambrose, and his former tag team partner Antonio Cesaro. I didn't mention Roman Reigns because unlike most people I'm not allowing myself to be tricked into falling for this guy. He isn't an indie guy. He never was. He went from college football to a deal with WWE. It doesn't hurt that he's a part of the Anoa'i family. In less than two years he'll be in Hollywood so enjoy him while you can.

If you've never watched a Hero match go and find some of them online. His stuff from Ring Of Honor is good but I prefer his Pro Wrestling Guerrilla stuff. PWG is slept on when it shouldn't be. I'm going to try my damnedest to see some of their shows this year since its here in California. Hero has the ability to play all kinds of roles ranging from bad guy to super baby face. He's athletic, does hardcore when he needs to, and has finishers for days. Whenever I have a wrestling game he's one of the first people I always create.

This is a guy that has been wrestling for years and has such passion for it. He loves to wrestle and you can see it. So what if he doesn't have abs or a deep tan. He's good at what he does. He was one half of the Kings Of Wrestling. Meanwhile everyone is crying over Punk, a guy that if he worked at my job I'd beg for him to quit. Here's this dude that is always on the verge of quitting, never seems happy unless he is getting his way 100%, and is talked about more for his talking than his actual wrestling skills. Speaking of his wrestling skills...

KENTA! Why isn't anyone talking about the fact that Punk took his entire signature moveset and finisher from him?! But KENTA does it better. Fuck, that guy is good. But I digress. I actually wish Hero the best in his future endeavors. Watching him wrestling is fun. I don't think of any backstage drama, who he is banging, or wonder what he is doing outside of the ring.

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