Friday, February 28, 2014

Nothing But Gossip February 28th 2014

Singer Robin Thicke and his wife Paula Patton have separated after nine years of marriage. I am guessing it had to do with the fact that its hard to find a picture of him at a party where he isn't all over some young girl. He canceled some shows saying he had a sore throat but took his son to Disney World then flew home to try and get back with Paula. She was not having it. At a recent show he got on stage and decided to dry every vajayjay in the place by saying “For y'all that don't know me and my wife separated, but I'm trying to get my girl back. She's a good woman.”

Pictured: another good woman.

I'm sure she is. I thought something was up for a while after she started appearing for interviews for her movies looking out of it. While she had about two films come out everyone was talking about her and her husbands pot use and his performance with Miley Cyrus. Paula is just another victim of the HBT (Halle Berry Theory). The chick, Lana Scolaro, whose ass is being invaded in that picture had the nerve to chime in saying “Robin acting like that with me makes me think there were many more. It’s a shame because when you have a kid, it's upsetting.” Shut it.

Porn company Vivid Entertainment wants Farrah Abraham known for being on Teen Mom to shut her word hole. Since the release, and success, of her fake homemade porno (its not good) she has said that she was raped and drugged while filming it. Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch stated “Farrah thinks she can insult and defame the Vivid brand and get away with it. Either she stops now or we will take immediate legal action. She will be held accountable.”

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged because she doesn't know that he fucked around on his last wife with two chicks in a Vegas hotel room. At least I think she doesn't know. She was withdrawn from the Spank Bank a while ago so this is not a huge loss for the penile community.

Rapper Gucci Mane was arrested for gun and weed possession. You may know him as that rapper that has a fucking ice cream cone tattooed on his face.


Paula Dean wants you people to forgive and accept her her. She compared herself to openly gay future NFL player Michael Sam by somehow connecting him being gay to her use of the n-word. Wait. What? She says that they are both striving for acceptance. Yeah...but no.

Andi Dorfman who was recently on The Bachelor is leaving her career as a lawyer for a while to star on The Bachelorette. This is just such a stupid idea all around.

Kim Kardashian is pissed off at an Australian business man named Richard Lugner. She was paid half a million dollars to appear and hang out at his party and he decided to appear in black face pretending to be Kanye West. And before you ask, yes, this was recorded for her show. I Goggle'd this guy and its almost nothing but pictures of him with hot, young women.

Speaking of Kanye, he recently refused to take a photo with a fan until all the paparazzi present turned off their cameras. And while in Paris he went off on a fan who wanted his autograph but got too close to his white sweater with his pen. Is he still on tour for his not selling out shows?

Now back to Kim! Rapper The Game has shut down rumors that he was messing around with Khloe Kardashian by saying that he hooked up with Kim years ago. This guy gets around. Sure his wife is happy to hear about all this.

DMX is pissed at his wife. She has been racking up bills like crazy as if she is ballin' out of control. DMZ said “I told her she is living above her means, that you can't still live on the same block as Martha Stewart and Chevy Chase, you gotta downgrade, but she refuses to do so because the house is in my name. She doesn't give a fuck about my credit.”

Former NFL cheerleader Shayla Stevens was awarded a total of $6.7 million dollars for an attack made on her with a bottle a few years back. Da Brat figured this was a good way to respond to another human being and is now fucked. Stevens has suffered permanent facial scarring, neurological impairment, and of course mental pain. Brat was sued while serving three years in prison. The case was almost stopped when they discovered that one of the jurors wasn't even a U.S citizen. He was arrested in court.

Justin Bieber who is now staying in Atlanta has already started fucking up. Recently his security was arrested for taking a photographers camera and driving off with it. When cops showed up they found weed in the car. Also, it is being reported that Bieber is using more drugs since moving. He also reused a plea deal for his DUI case. The countdown to his fall started a while back. I'll just sit back and wait for it stroking my cat like Dr. Claw. And by cat I mean my imaginary girlfriends vagina. And by her vagina I mean her hair. And by her hair I mean...

Jim Lange, the host of the original The Dating Game, died this week. Me and Hoozle were just talking about this show!

It appears that rapper(?) Drake and Rihanna are back at it again. Good for them. He doesn't seem as violent as her last man. Speaking of which, Chris Brown graduated from his anger rehab after multiple scuffles including throwing a rock through his mothers car window at the facility.

Actor (ha!) Sam Worthington and his possible wife Lara Bingle got into a fight with a photographer after she says the guy kicked her for no reason. Worthington and the photographer were both arrested and a restraining order was placed on them. You may know Worthington from every film that Channing Tatum didn't want to be in.

Pictured: Channing Tatum because no one cares about Sam Worthington.

Marc Anthony's ex wife wants the child support she gets from him for their two sons to go from $13,000 a month to $113,000. You must be out of your goddamned mind! Ain't no kids that expensive to take care of. Yes, he makes close to a million and a half a month, but so what? That doesn't mean he should fork up so much a month. Dudes need to be careful. Chicks are fucking rich guys to get an automatic check for 18 years. He already gives her close to $30,000 with spousal support but she says its not enough. Really? Really?

Mel Gibson is happy as hell. His ex Oksana Grigorieva couldn't stop talking about their relationship on a recent appearance on Howard Stern and now loses out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. What really sucks is that he offered her $15 million a while back and she turned it down. You may know her as the mother if his child he hoped would get raped by a pack of n-words. Not one. A pack.

Katy Perry turned down making out with Miley Cyrus at a show. She went in for a kiss as Perry sat in the front row and there came that long ass tongue which made Perry recoil in horror. I would have doused her in holy water. She and John Mayer have broken up again after recently being engaged. Have you ever seen her without makeup? She doesn't look close to being the same human being.

Rapper Ludacris wants full custody of his side chicks child. After he took a “break” from Eodoxie he decided to shoot the club up (a terrible term I learned for having sex without a condom and coming) of Tamika Fuller who was awarded $7,000 a month in child support on the two month old. He says he doesn't make that damned much which is weird when he is listed as a very highly paid rapper and celebrity.

How do you take a break from this woman?!

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