Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nothing But Gossip February 19th 2014

Kanye West is back at being a jackass. Between his not selling out concerts he is yelling at DJ's at radio stations during interviews at these concerts and saying that TMZ is racist against interracial couples. Come on, dude. You know they aren't but since stupid loves company his baby mama Kim Kardashian threw her hat into the ring and agreed with him. I wish they would both go away. Who can not trust in a man that says things like “I impregnated your mouth, girl, ooh...that's when I knew you could be my spouse, girl.” So...romantic.

Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles has not been paying child support on his kid. His baby mama is supposed to get over $30,000 from his ass and he hasn't paid. Her ass in using food stamps to get by. She should've hustled some more money out of him when he was still B's manager.

Singer Brian McKnight owes over $500,000 in back taxes. Damn. You would have to just kill my ass.

There's a naked image floating around the internet claiming to be Emma Stone. I assure you, its not her. I've done plenty of...research. It ain't her.

Charlie Sheen wants to get his twin sons with ex wife Brooke Mueller tested for FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) because apparently they just ain't right. She doesn't want that because it would prove that she was boozing it up while pregnant. In other news, Sheen is engaged to Brett Rossi who will be known as his fourth wife and wants to have more kids.

Actresses Michelle Rodriguez and Ellen Page came out the closet in the last week. Good for them. Not for the Spank Bank. Neither case was surprising for me. I think Michelle goes both ways and maybe even a way that we haven't even thought of.

Penises will be flown at half staff for the rest of the week.

Some dude named Wade Robson is trying to get some money from Michael Jackson's estate for sexual abuse.

Kris Jenner is in denial that her husband Bruce Jenner is in the process of having a sex change. If he isn't then he is just being a very weird, weird man.


Phillip Seymour Hoffman who recently passed away from a drug overdose left in his will that he did not want his son raised in Los Angeles. I'm all for less people being here so good for him.

For the next three months California will be Justin Bieber free! He's rented a spot in Atlanta. Just don't get busted with weed there, kid. They will not hesitate to rain down biblical levels of fury for that kinda shit.

Michael Lohan and his wife Kate Major are at it again. She called cops after saying that he threatened her with a knife. These two need to stop but as always its harder because they have a kid involved. Stop having kids, Erf!

Laura Silverman and Simon Cowell have given birth to a baby boy. Well, she did. He just arrived. For anyone who doesn't now who she is she is the former wife of a mutual friend of Cowell. He slept with her while they were on the outs and got her knocked up.

Model Chrissy Teigan says its fine that her husband John Legend looks at other women and thinks they are hot and sexy...because she looks the way she does. Get back to me in ten years about eight years after they have divorced.

Just a few weeks after rehab Selena Gomez is proudly back to boozing! Good for her. I support that more than he getting with Bieber over and over again.

Chris Kattan formerly of Saturday Night Live was pulled over and charged with DUI. There is video of him failing a field sobriety test miserably as well as on the plane ride. He crashed his car which is why police got involved in the first place.

Christina Aguilera got engaged to her production assistant because if you're gonna make a bad decision like marrying people you may as well do it twice. I'm not sure what she is thinking. What is wrong with just test riving for a couple of years before adding all the complications that come with marriage? She has one child from her previous marriage. 

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