Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Babbling Old Man: Ghostbusters

The mind is a very strange thing. I have been walking this Erf all these years thinking that I had seen Ghostbusters. Now, this movie came out when I was 5 years old but that's no excuse for not having seen this. The thing is, my childhood was spent watching a lot of horror movies and shit that just wasn't appropriate for children. Hell, I was allowed to listen to Robin Harris standup which when I hear now its a wonder I didn't start cursing until I was 22. I didn't watch Dirty Dancing until a couple of years ago and still haven't seen Footloose. There's just movies that passed me by. Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink? Saw them in my 20's.

But still. I thought I saw Ghostbusters. If you had asked me before I saw Kiyoshi's post I would've sworn that I saw it. I would have been able to tell you what it was about by stating obvious facts. Stay Puft. Don't cross the streams. Are you the key master? Demon dogs. Uh...proton pack. I could have fumbled my way through it. But as I started watching it in the first fifteen minutes I said “Oh my god. I've never seen this!”

This movie was far funnier than I expected it to be. I had watched the cartoon (even the fake shitty version with the gorilla) so I knew everyone's names. What I didn't know was that they didn't have a business at the start. They didn't even have a real base of operation! I thought that everything was already set up and perfected before they got their first ghost. This was not the case. I also thought that they started off as four guys. I was like “Am I watching some edited version without Ernie Hudson?” He comes later.

It was funny, but while watching this I started getting mad at the people that were watching the final battle with the demon, Gozer. Gigantic pieces of the building are crashing down to the street all over the place and people are staring up at the sky just letting chunks of building raining down on them! Get away! This is the 80's! None of you can record this! May I say that a possessed Sigourney Weaver is hot? I feel terrible saying that. I thought the same thing about zombie Michelle Rodriguez in Resident Evil.

80's hot.

It was fun to see this movie and I'd like to own it. I liked seeing practical effects being used like when the ground cracks and gives way there are real people falling all over the place. I had no idea that Harold Ramis who recently passed away had starred in and wrote Ghostbusters. I also realized that I would have been a terrible Ghostbuster. I doubt throwing my proton pack and screaming for help would work.

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