Friday, April 29, 2016

The Review: Mr. Right

Mr. Right 6/10

This will have spoilers. I just finished watching the movie Mr. Right. I had seen images of the poster somewhere but had no desire to see it. I like the two actors on it but it wasn't enough to make me really look for this movie. It wasn't until I watched an interview with the writer Max Landis that I decided to check it out because the guy makes me smile. So I watched it and was, not surprised, but happy that it was better than I was expecting based on no advertising.

Anna Kendrick stars as Martha. How to describe Martha? She seems to be a fuck up. Her man comes home trying to have sex with another woman so she takes off and ends up at her friends place where she gets drunk, they all head to the club, she goes to work with this friend and continues to be a fuck up. Martha ends up meeting this weird guy with fast reflexes. He is played by Sam Rockwell. He is a hitman that only kills the people that hired him to kill someone else. Tim Roth is a guy named Hopper that once trained him and wants him to come back.

I liked the acting in this for the most part. Some folks came off like cartoon characters and I'm not sure if that was the goal. What bothered me though was the way the fights looked. The idea of the fights were cool, creative, and even funny though violent. But I'm not sure what the director or fight choreographer or whoever was going for. I checked what else this director did and was confused as to how he got this gig. The cast deserved much better. I gave this a 6 based on the characters and my enjoyment of them. I kinda wish this could be reshot.

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