Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Review: Transporter Refueled

The Transporter Refueled 2/10

I just watched Transporter Refueled and I'm not really sure that I know what it was about. One of many things that bothers me in movies is inconsistent fear. You can't cheer an hoot when a car is flying through small streets and doing stunts and then getting terrified when a car is going two miles an hour towards a fence. That actually happens in this movie along with a lot of other outlandish bullshit.

I actually liked the cheesy ass first Transporter films but this one is so not those that I can't compare them to this. It stars Ed Skrein as Frank Martin. Yeah, same name as Jason Statham in the first three movies but ignore that. This guy is no Statham. The plot of this movie is thinner than a model in the early 90's. Martin is set up by a lady to do a job but it turns out she is tricking him and he has to save his father who is also tricking his son because he is working with this lady and her friends who were once prostitutes but now robbing this guy that pimped them.

There shouldn't be any sequels to this. There probably will be but there shouldn't. No one is likable. I didn't give a damn when someone was shot because everybody was expendable, even Martin seeing as how his own father set his dumb ass up. I gave this a 2 instead of a 1 because there was this really cute Black chick at the beginning of the movie who is not credited in any way. Skrein comes off as too cool for the room instead of confident if that makes any sense. No need to see this movie unless you just wanna hear tires screeching every once in a while and mumbling accents.

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