Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Review: Down And Dangerous

Down And Dangerous 7/10

There will be some spoilers. I needed more sweat, some flashbacks, more shouting, and three more chokeslams. I finally got around to checking out the movie Down And Dangerous. Its a movie where no one can be trusted. For some reason I tend to watch movies full of shady ass humans and this was no exception. John T. Woods stars as a drug smuggler named Paul Boxer, running between L.A and Mexico. Was it really filmed there? I don't fucking know. I've never been. If you took a photo in Pasadena and told me it was Mexico I'd believe you. Anyhoot, his partner ends up getting shot by a crooked ass agent and Paul goes on the hunt for him.

He ends up teaming with a lady that he used to be with years ago named Olivia played by Paulie Rojas. She is hot and proves that I'm not just into thick women. I don't trust her. She is dating this crazy ass cartel leader and cartel leaders are always scumbags. The police also want Paul's help in taking down the drug ring because cops are lazy and always show up after the hard part is handled.

I liked the music in this movie but would've liked more silent moments. It seemed a bit too loud at times. I liked the fights and was happy that after the first scene in which someone is shot in the car that there are no more CGI blood scenes. The physical fights were good but there were a few guys that looked afraid to throw a punch or take one. There was a chokeslam done by Paul that made me cheer because I don't care what the situation is, if there is a fight in a movie and someone busts out a wrestling move I will cheer the shit out of it. I mentioned needing more sweat. There are some scenes in the desert and I wanna feel how miserable it is. I didn't. You put a bag over my head and tell me that we're going to Whole Foods I'm gonna be sweating balls. Put one over my head and drive me to the desert with a gun to my head my face won't be the only thing wet. What I'm saying is I'll pee in your car with no shame whatsoever.

I feel that there is more that can be done with the character of Paul even if you just shave the guy and say it is five years earlier to show how he got to this point and why he is so good at what he does. Where did he come from? How did he meet Olivia and why did he leave her? How'd he meet his friend that was shot? Why doesn't he use guns? When did Judd Nelson start to look like such a badass? Oh, the questions! I'm just nitpicking. I liked this movie. Check it out.

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