Friday, June 9, 2017

The Review: American Gods Episode 6 "A Murder Of Gods"

American Gods “A Murder of Gods”

Another week another kick ass episode of American Gods. This one, “A Murder Of Gods”, starts off not with some weird animated story or something from thousands of years ago but a group of people trying to get across the border from Mexico to the US. I kept wondering “Where is this going?” The group, men, women, and children, survive a river and just when they get to land one of them almost drowns in the water. A hand reaches down and pulls him out. The guy then starts walking on water because its Jesus! Like, for reals Jesus. It was nuts! Then a group of guys in trucks with guns with ironically (or not) bible verses on them shoot and kill them all including Jesus who dies in the most Jesus Christ pose ever.

This episode was cool because people are finally starting to come together. Mr. Wednesday and Shadow escape from that police station where a tree tried to kill them. Shadow realizes that he is very hurt and something is inside of him. Mr. Wednesday removes it, telling Shadow not to watch, and it was some wiggling ass tree creature. Shadow is still having trouble accepting what is real and what is not. He also tells Mr. Wednesday that he saw Laura back at the hotel.

Laura races back to the hotel right as Shadow is leaving. The car she had was towed and just as she is complaining to the manager Mad Sweeney shows up. He can not stand her. Not just because she has his coin but because of what she is and what she did to Shadow. He thinks she is an abomination. They are about to steal a cab when Salim, the guy who had sex with that jinn and his identity stolen by him, shows up with a gun. They end up all riding together to find the jinn with Laura's whole not being alive-ness showing more. Flies are always around her. She looks like hell in the light. She stinks. Mad Sweeney mentions that he understands Salim taking it in the ass as a form of love more than what Laura is doing to Shadow. He thankfully points out that Laura has not brushed her dead ass teeth which is something I mentioned to my cousin Jasmine while discussing the show!

Mr. Wednesday and Shadow arrive in Virginia and end up in this small town where everyone has a fucking gun. The place is clean and quiet. There is a scene in a factory where a guy falls into a vat of metal being made for bullets. Mr. Wednesday explains blood sacrifices to Shadow who still doesn't get the whole thing. They meet up with this god named Vulcan played by Corbin Bernsen. He is a major dick. It turns out that he betrayed them and has sided with the new gods coming along in the battle and told them where Mr. Wednesday and Shadow are. Using a sword that Vulcan made for Mr. Wednesday, Vulcan has his head chopped off. I loved Shadow's reaction during this. Mr. Wednesday then pushes Vulcan's body into the molten metal and curses the weapons and Vulcan's followers by pissing into the metal. Its insane. I love this show and can't believe there are only two more episodes for the season left.

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