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The Review: American Gods Episode 8 "Come To Jesus"

American Gods Episode 8 “Come To Jesus”/Season 1 Review 9/10

I am late writing this, I know. This is going to be a review of the final episode of season one of American Gods as well as the entire season. Some of you may be confused as to why I gave this season a 9 out of 10 considering I was all over this show like a cheap suit. Well, it was because of the seventh episode which was hot garbage and had about four seconds of footage that was relevant to anything. In a show that features only eight episodes you can not afford to have one that useless.

Episode eight starts off finally showing the story of Bilquis' fine ass and how she rolled before shoving men and women into her vajayjay in hotel rooms. Oh, this is told by Anansi by the way who I like even more after reading Neil Gaiman's “Anansi Boys.” He is talking to Mr. Wednesday and Shadow. Bilquis, the Queen of Sheba, is running shit back in the day and having cuddle puddles with dozens of men and women. Guys try to step up and bone her and she is all like “Bring it.” They do and then an eclipse happens and the next thing you know they all get melted and sucked into her lady parts. Its wild.

Over time she is forgotten like most gods and spends her time hanging in clubs and seducing folks. Eventually she is just a homeless woman roaming the streets until Technology Boy shows up pointing out how she is not who she used to be. She stops by a restaurant with her shopping cart years after watching her lover die from AIDS and the place is using her image to sell food. And on the TV she sees her temple being raided and destroyed. Technology Boy gives her a phone with an app that lets her get followers which is just what she needs to stay relevant...and get laid.

Mr. Wednesday and Shadow head on over to Ostara's aka Easter's place. It looks like some kinda magical land with bunnies running all over the place and sweets everywhere. Mr. Wednesday warns Shadow not to be wooed by Easter. She is played by Kristin Chenoweth who is pretty damned perfect for this part. She doesn't want any part of the upcoming war because she feels that she is being worshiped enough. Mr. Wednesday points out that Jesus has coopted that day. Even Easter knows it but doesn't care...publicly.

There are Jesus' from every culture all over the place. Jeremy Davies is Jesus Prime. He is upset when he hears that his return has taken over the true meaning of the holiday. If you're looking for Mexican Jesus, don't. He got shot a few episodes ago trying to get into the U.S. Media shows up this time as Scarlett O'Hara to remind Easter that they have a deal. Wednesday shows up and reminds Easter of who she is and what she does and all hell breaks loose. Technology Boy shows up. Mr. World is there. The skies darken. Wednesday lets Shadow know who he is. Its fucking insane! Wednesday dedicates the deaths of the minions to her making her more powerful.

Bilquis shows up on a bus as she and others are arriving for shit to start getting real. I haven't touched on Laura and Mad Sweeney and their stuff in this episode much because after the last episode I am very much over her and too bad for me because she is still around and rotting away but not gone. I am reading the book again right now and even though at the start I enjoyed where they were going with her I am over her involvement now.

This was a good show. Out of eight episodes they managed to amaze me seven times but again, you can't have a single mediocre episode when you have so few of them. The visuals of this were good. Enjoyed the acting. The characters were done well. Those beginning scenes showing small parts from the book (which is what episode seven should have been no I will not stop talking about it because I hated the fuck out of that episode and even told a coworker not to watch it because it was not necessary!) were so damned creative. If you haven't watched this series you really should and hopefully season two manages to expand on what worked and removing what doesn't. Like Laura.

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