Monday, June 19, 2017

The Review: American Gods Episode 7 "A Prayer For Mad Sweeney"

American Gods “A Prayer For Mad Sweeney”

Wow. After six incredible episodes American Gods finally put out an episode that was not just uninteresting, but bad. “A Prayer For Mad Sweeney” was one of the most uninteresting hours of television I've seen in a while which sucks because it seemed to begin as if it were going to be pretty awesome by showing the work of Ibis an Jacquel. But no. It starts off with them working in the morgue and then switches to this long boring ass story about some woman in Ireland named Essie McGowan in the past that is played by Emily Browning.

So are they the same person just in another life? No. Its plot device. This chick believes in leprechauns and worships them and all that but is caught stealing and sent to live on a prison boat. She ends up banging the captain and freed until she is caught stealing again and then sent to prison. Then she bangs the guard for freedom and ends up living a long boring life where no one believes in leprechauns. So not interested in any of this.

In this there are present scenes with Laura and Mad Sweeney (who was also the leprechaun from the past) abandon Salim and steal an ice cream truck because Laura is rotting away. Bunny crosses the road and the truck flips over. Sweeney wakens but Laura is dead again and the coin flew out of her and her chest is exposed showing just meat and bone. As someone who has moved corpses at a previous job god forbid they rotted that fast. Sweeney finally has his coin back and there is a flashback showing he caused Laura to crash the night she was sucking off the neighbor and dying in the past. He sticks the coin back in her, she comes to life, punches him, and flips the truck back over and they drive off. What a bullshit episode and ending. One more to go and I really hope it is good.

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