Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Review: Okja

Okja 10/10

There will be a lot of spoilers in this. I need to stop saying that and just say don't read movies reviews until after you've watched shit if you are worried about it being ruined. I gave it a 10/10. Watch it. I loved this fucking movie! Okay, I had no idea what this movie was about before I started watching it. Coworker said she could not watch it because of it making you not want to eat meat anymore to which I responded watching Super Size Me and wanting McDonald's and eating a burger while watching Food Inc. You can't stop me from eating meat. I saw a big pig with a city on its back with a little girl and the title Okja. That was the extent of my knowledge of this movie. I was excited to watch it and not even sure why but I am so glad that I did.

Back in 2007 Lucy Mirando is the CEO of this company called Mirando Corporation. Tilda Swinton plays her and she is awesome. She has taken over the company after pointing out that her father that started it was insane and that her sister Nancy was even more insane and set a lake on fire. She announces that a super pig is being created to help end world hunger. Twenty six of them have been given to farmers throughout the world and in ten years time there will be a winner and then we can start chowing down on delicious mega bacon. Sign me the fuck up!

In present day a little girl named Mija played by Ahn Seo-hyun is chilling with her fat ass pig named Okja. She feeds her fruit, they hike, play in the water, and gather food for her and her grandfather. Her grandfather is one of the farmers chosen for the contest. One day someone from the Mirando Corporation shows up along with a team led by zoologist and TV show host Dr. Johnny Wilcox played by Jake Gyllenhaal. As soon as he sees Okja he loses his shit and says she is the best of all the pigs. Mija's grandfather distracts her saying he had a dream about her dead parents and leads her away. She follows and he gives her the low down. He could not buy Okja but he bought a small gold pig statue and gives it to her. She tosses it, races back to the house, and sees that Okja is gone. She is like “Fuck this!” and grabs her money and takes off leaving her grandfather.

Mija heads to Seoul after following the truck carrying Okja and heads into the building. They wont let her in but her crazy ass breaks through the glass door and onto the truck. Another truck pulls up with the most polite animal activists ever called ALF (Animal Liberation Front). They have a zero violence policy. After a car wreck Okja runs loose through a shopping center and footage gets out online pissing Lucy off. She has Frank Dawson played by Giancarlo Esposito who helps with damage control. They plan to bring Mija in so they can reunite her with Okja and make a huge production of it. The ALF led by Paul Dano tell her their plan to bring down Mirando. One of the translators lies about what Mija said in regard to her wishes. She wants to go back to the mountains with Okja but he says that she is down for the mission. They let Okja get caught to record what is happening in Mirando.

At the place where Okja is kept there are other super pigs in various states of mutations. Okja is in a room with a drunk ass Dr. Wilcox. He is mad he is not in the spotlight more and struggling with loving animals but also being forced to work for Mirando. He forces Okja to be raped by a monstrous super pig because Okja has the ability to reproduce. Its fucking horrifying. The ALF are watching and it comes to light that one of the members lied about Mija's wishes. He has his ass kicked and removed from the group. Wilcox also has pieces of her removed for taste testing. Apparently Okja is delicious!

Mija learns a little bit of English. Like enough to ask for Okja and let people know she is not happy. Paul Dano, Jay, sneaks into her room and with flash cards lets her know that they will continue their plan, apologizes for what happened, says he loves her, and no matter what happens not to look back at the screen when she is on stage. Everything is going as planned until Okja is released for the public to see and she freaks the fuck out and bites Mija's arm. Video footage of Okja's treatment and rape are shown and the crowd turns on Mirando. Hidden ALF members are also in the crowd and parade. Armed military police show up and start kicking the shit out of everyone. Oh, Lucy's sister Nancy shows up and she looks intense as fuck. She and Frank plan on handling all this nonsense. The ALF get wrecked and arrested. At this point I am not picturing a happy ending at all.

Jay and K, who translated Mija's wrong, is back and they sneak into a plant where a lot of super pigs are herded together. They get inside where you see these pigs being cut open and killed. Okja is about to be killed when Mija shows a photo of her and Okja to one of the employees. Nancy shows up and says that Okja is her property and she is going to kill her. This is true. Mija gives Nancy the golden pig her grandfather gave her as payment for Okja, and holy shit, it works. The shit is solid gold and worth a lot. The ALF are arrested and Mija leaves with Okja. The other pigs shove a tiny pig out the pen who follows them away.

This was one of those movies that makes me glad that movies are a thing tat exist and I get to watch them. I know some people are turned off by some of the things in this movie but those are the same ones that watch shows about murders and rape every single week. You can watch a couple pigs get cut. And if this movie exposes you to the realities of slaughter house then welcome to the real world! Shit gets killed to make delicious food. I loved everything about this movie and suggest you watch it.

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