Thursday, October 8, 2015

You Had One Job: Apocalypse In X-Men

When the image of the character Apocalypse was released a while back I was pissed. My first introduction to the character was I the X-Men animated cartoon and I was intrigued. Who the hell was this guy that could fly, change shape, super strong, shot lasers, and had a talking spaceship? At the time he was just some mutant that wanted to kill weaker mutants and humans. Then Marvel started giving more back story on the guy.

"In the harsh, unforgiving desert of ancient Egypt, ruled by Rama-Tut, a band of nomadic raiders found an infant, gray-skinned and freakish in appearance, abandoned by the settlers of Akkaba. The nomads took the child for their own, giving him the name En Sabah Nur, 'The First One,' and teaching him to be 'strong' in order to survive the desert as a child. This idea, that 'the strong will survive,' would shape Apocalypse's actions throughout time."

Sounds pretty cool, huh? Well in the next film X-Men Apocalypse I don't know who the fuck this guy that Oscar Isaac is playing but it sure as hell ain't Apocalypse! I'm not even one of those people that say that a character has to look exactly like the comic book version. I appreciate that Batman isn't blue and gray in the movies. But this shit is for the birds.

They already have me laughing at the fact that another X-Men film is even being done. The last few have been laughable except for Michael Fassbender turning Magneto into a super powered James Bond but even that got old. They have made a lot of X-Men related films and none of them have kicked ass. None. If you think one of them did, watch it again and prove yourself wrong. This new one is erasing things from previous ones and using a villain that should've been brought up years ago. And he looks like ass. Check out this cosplay version someone did.

That is what they should have started with. Not this weird, shiny thing that they are attempting to pass off as Apocalypse. For anyone bitching about my pre-bitching about this movie, you must not have read one of my blogs before. This is what the fuck I do.

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Rewind said...

Wow! I assumed you were making a joke. I could have sworn this was Ivan Ooze from power rangers.

Dante said...

Oh, god! He does look like Ivan Ooze!!!