Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Review: Jessica Jones

I just finished plowing through all 13 episodes of the new Netflix series Jessica Jones and holy shit. Based on the trailers I was not excited at all to check the series out. I thought they were just cranking out anything after the success of Daredevil and that we were beginning the slow decline of cool comic book based shows and movies. I was extremely wrong. This show had my ass all over the internet trying to figure out who Jessica Jones and The Purple Man were. There will be spoilers because they released every episode in one day.

This show stars Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones. She's a fuck up that has gone through some things. Oh, and she has super powers. Really strong. Can jump far. Durable. Loves to drink. Jessica runs Alias Investigations where she pretty much snoops on people for others. She is suffering PTSD after being held captive by this guy Kilgrave aka The Purple Man played by David Tennant. He has the ability to get you to do whatever he says just by saying it to you. And by whatever I mean anything from killing others or even yourself. She managed to break from his control and now he is all about getting her back. Meanwhile she has a fucked up secret that is threatening to come out.

There is also Rachael Taylor as Trish “Patsy” Walker. Her mother adopted Jessica after her entire family died. Yes, you see how it happened and it is such a simple way to die it'll scare you. She grew up a child star and hated it. She now hosts a radio show and wants Jessica to get her shit together. Oh, she ends up dating this guy and once he popped some pills I knew exactly who he was and my nerd bonus went up two points!

Mike Colter plays Luke Cage and he is exactly how I would imagine this guy would be if he were real. In one scene where he is being attacked in his bar he isn't going after these guys to kill them. He seems more annoyed because he knows his skin can not be pierced. There is a lot of furniture smashing superhero sex between him and Jessica. There are a few times when he uses his full strength where its like “Oh, fuck messing with that guy!”

There are a lot of characters in this and each episode is good but there are some problems I had. The first episode didn't grab me and I was close to giving up because I wanted to prove that I was right in thinking that the show would suck. Thankfully I stuck it out. Also, I was confused by her powers. She didn't seem all that unstoppable. A frantic chick knocked her out cold for a while but she was also able to take on groups of men with little to no damage. It was like this throughout the entire season but thankfully the show wasn't hinged on her abilities.

This show had some very violent stuff in it so unless you're one of those parents that like having their kids sleep with them or having to explain why that woman has so much Kool-Aid coming out of her neck then by all means go ahead and skip this. There are also some parts where the people behave out of character for the characters they have built throughout the season. No huge complaints though. This was a pretty cool show. Hell, I dedicated thirteen hours to it!

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