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10 Reasons Why You Should Have Watched Daredevil

Netflix debuted the new Daredevil series from Marvel. What that means is that every single episode was released at once. All 13 episodes came out in one day which meant it became a race to hurry up and watch them before everyone started to spoil them which is hard depending on how much time you spend online. Which meant I personally had to hurry the fuck up and finish this. Daredevil is the story of a guy that was blinded as a child saving someone from dying and chemicals enhanced his other senses. As an adult he fights crime. Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Watched Daredevil. This will be full of spoilers so if you don't wanna know or haven't watched this yet read this another time.

1. The Man In The Black Mask

Charlie Cox plays Matt Murdock aka Daredevil in this. He is awesome and does this perfectly. What I really dug about this was that he does not start off wearing the costume that we're used to. He starts off fighting crime known as “the man in the black mask.” For the first few episodes I was starting to think that they wouldn't even get to him wearing the red costume. They did eventually but they made this story so good that I wouldn't have been mad if they hadn't.

2. Human Interaction

This series was not just about how hard Daredevil could punch or get punched. This was very character driven and I appreciated that. Some movies and series with heroes depend far too heavily on the special effects and the story gets lost. Not in this. There are actual fucking relationships in this series that surprised me. Matt has a different relationship with everyone because he is a different person to everyone he is around. The other characters are also not flat and one dimensional which cheered me up. When someone dies or is hurt it matters and there are repercussions because of it.

3. The Well Placed Flashbacks

When the scenes showing Matt as a child happen it doesn't feel forced or lazy. They show Matt and his relationship with his father Battlin' Matt Murdock played by John Patrick Hayden as a child and you can see why he fights and behaves the way he does. His father didn't want him to be a dumb fighter like him and made him read and study. Matt is also shown being trained to fight by Stick as well as being in college studying to be a lawyer. Something would happen, a flashback would explain it, then the story keeps moving.

4. Foggy Nelson Isn't An Idiot

I was set for Foggy Nelson played by Elden Henson to be a bumbling jackass. From the few comic books I have read (the first comic book I ever read was a Daredevil comic) Foggy was Matt's friend but always seemed to be in trouble or making mistakes. In this he is competent and a good guy. I first saw this guy in Max Landis' Death And Return Of Superman and thought he was funny but never figured he would be able to pull this role off.

5. Karen Page Is Not A Crackhead

Deborah Ann Woll plays Karen Page who in the comics is Matt's love interest that eventually becomes a drug addict. Thank god they didn't throw that into this from the start. I am not familiar with her acting in anything so I was able to appreciate her without any baggage from previous roles. Though she does a lot of things that are questionable she never does it because she is stupid or because Daredevil needs something to do.

6. The Fucking Kingpin

Good lord, Vincent D'Onofrio was awesome in this! I was expecting a version of Kingpin that barely talked and just used his size to beat up people that got in his way. This version is a guy that doesn't want to go out in public. Not because of the bad shit he is doing, but because he is awkward as fuck! When he talks to a woman he buys a painting from and develops a relationship with he can barely even look at her. He thinks that he is doing the right thing to save his city and can't begin to see how it is wrong. He doesn't even show up until maybe four episodes in. He is talked about and no one is allowed to say his name, Wilson Fisk, out loud. When people do they tend to die about a minute later. Or they slam their mouth on a spike like that one guy did. That was fucking nuts.

7. Matt Murdock Isn't Boring

There are a lot of movies made where the person is not interesting unless they are wearing the costume. Most Batman films had this problem. Captain America was great because before he even got super powered he was a likable guy. In this, Matt is struggling with the fact that he is fighting people that play by different rules than him. He will not kill them and these are not folks that can just be sent to jail and stopped. He is struggling as a human, religiously, and mentally with his abilities and his past.

8. Rosario Dawson

I had no idea that Rosario Dawson aka Fap of The Year 2011 was in this because I didn't want any spoilers. If you read that and got mad you're an idiot for reading this far. She plays Claire Temple, a nurse that finds Matt after getting his ass kicked and helping him get better. She is not as one dimensional as I thought she would be. They could have easily made her someone that helped, had sex with Matt, and was forgotten about. She was useful and helped move the story along. And she's hot.

9. The Fucking Costume

The red costume shows up in the final episode and I was not upset with how it looked. The guy that creates it made me smile because I know who he is and what he becomes. It is a very deep red with black and looks like something I would have make for me if I was stank ass rich. When the costume finally appears its one of those “Shit just got real” moments. I read where some people wanted it to be a brighter red and look more like the Ben Affleck version of the costume. Those people need to shut their dirty whore mouths! This costume is badass!

10. The Fights Make You Feel Lazy

As much as I love Flash the fights are over quickly because, well, he's the Flash. Don't be stupid. In the Batman films the camera moves a lot and you can't tell who is doing what to who. Lots of action moves just can not let a fight happen without a hundred cuts. Not this. In this there was one fight scene that was, like, two minutes long with no changes. He was just whipping ass in a hallway against five or six guys and it was hardcore and brutal. The fights in this are rough! When someone is shot in the face you see it. One guy got his head taken off by a car door! Watching Daredevil do his thing made me feel like a bum for sitting on my ass and watching him work so hard.

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