Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nothing But Gossip April 16th 2015

Rapper (I like to say sound maker) Lil Wayne is being sued by a bus driver for threatening his life last year while on tour. Mark Jones says that while stopping for gas Wayne got upset and even pulled a gun on him. He is suing for assault, false imprisonment, and emotional distress. Yeah. Good luck with that one.

Kendall Jenner is going to be in the upcoming issue of GQ magazine and it creeps me out. She looks like a kid. Yeah, 19 is still young and legal but her age doesn't mean she doesn't appear to be a kid. Some dudes are creepy and really into her. Give me a woman with scars.

A model named Sarah Stage was fully pregnant and everyone is losing their mind that she looked so skinny. The kid was born Tuesday and weighed 8 pounds. This is a picture of her three days before he was born (the one on the right). There are pics she took wearing lingerie and pregnant but you can find those yourself.

Nick Loeb who is the former fiance of Fap of the Year 2012 winner Sofia Vergara wants the eggs they both fertilized and froze for himself. He says there was nothing signed that says he couldn't do this. This sounds four kinds of creepy to me. He is suing her to keep her from destroying the eggs even though she is engaged to someone else. He claims that she was abusive to him. This guy sounds like an idiot.

Sugar Bear's brother was never missing. I'm not explaining any more than that.

One of the victims of the Suge Knight running folks over with his truck incident, the one who is alive, refused to say it was Suge that hit him while on the stand. You know, that whole no snitching shit people still subscribed to. The victim is trying to blame himself.

Madonna laid a lip smacking on Drake at Coachella and he looked less than happy about it. If this was 1987 Madonna I would have taken that woman down to China Town. But 2015 Madonna? Lord no! Its not even her age. Its the fact that its post-Vogue Madonna. Ain't nobody got time for that! Drake says her lipstick tasted bad. Nope. That was the taste of Timor Steffens, Brahim Zaibat, Jesus Luz, Alex Rodriguez, Guy Ritchie, Chris Paciello, Andy Bird, Carlos Leon, Dennis Rodman, Jenny Shimizu, Ingrid Casaras, Tupac, John Enos, Jim Albright, Vanilla Ice, Tony Ward, Michael Jackson, Warren Beatty, Esai Morales, John Kennedy Jr., Sean Penn, Sandra Bernhard, Jellybean Benitez, Mark Kamins, Jean Michel Basquiat, Dan Gilroy, David Blaine, Britney Spears, Christina Aquilera, and Mark McGrath.

Dina Lohan says that Michael Lohan owes her $16,000 in child support. He disagrees. No one cares. Apparently Lindsay doesn't want her mom to come to England where she went to escape everyone.

Former NFL player Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for the murder of Odin Lloyd whom he shot six times in 2013.

You remember V. Stiviano?

(shudder) Yeah. Her. She is the one that was “working” for Donald Sterling and released those tapes of him being racist which led to him being released as the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. A judge ruled in his wife, Shelly Sterling's favor and she wants $2.6 million in cash from Stiviano for shit Donald bought her when they were messing around. He got her a place to live, cars, and whatnot.

Dennis Rodman has fired his business manager Peggy King. I didn't know he had any business to manage. Sounds like a cushy gig. I saw a couple pictures of her. She looks like a goer. Know what I mean, know what I mean? Say no more.

Percy Sledge died and no one is talking about it. “When a man loves a woman!”

Rapper Nelly (you know his biggest song even if you don't think you do) was arrested after his tour bus was searched and they found everything but Flintstone vitamins on it. He says the meth wasn't his because he let folks on he didn't know. Well played. “I feel the need to take responsibility for my choices in needing to be more aware of all the people I associate with and allow onto my property.”

Chef Bobby Flay is divorcing his wife and she is pissed he wants to give her just $5,000 a month. God, I would love that much money a month right now. She signed the pre-nup that way and is mad he canceled all her credit cards. This was his third marriage.

Halle Berry's husband Olivier Martinez will not be charged for knocking an airport employee down with a baby car seat while walking through a crowd of photographers, the airline employee being one. Dumb ass was trying to snap a photo with his phone and got clubbed. No, the baby was not in the car seat. He got off lucky. Here is a picture of the last guy to fight with him, Halle's baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. I'll provide you with a before and after.

Justin Bieber was denied access to a VIP gathering at Coachella because it was packed. Another security person said it was fine and tried to take him but the first one to deny him put him in a choke hold and dragged him out. Suing may happen.

Bobby Brown performed at a festival and says there was never a question as to whether or not he would because his daughter is a zombie.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West took their daughter to a Armenian church to get her baptized. Then he performed at a concert where he jumped in the lake and was taken away by security. It was being recorded for Keeping Up With The Kardashian's so it was likely all planned. Source: 5 years working reality TV.

He only looks happy when he is doing shit he shouldn't. You will never see him look this happy holding his daughter or kissing his wife.

Beyonce's 61 year old mama is getting married to a 67 year old man. Hmm. Why? 

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