Sunday, April 19, 2015

Upcoming Fantastic 4, Batman v Superman, Star Wars, Ant Man Trailer Excitement Levels

I have recently been able to watch some of the trailers for some upcoming movies and decided to do an Excitement level post about them the way I did with those Marvel and DC Comics ones. This time its for Fantastic 4, Batman v Superman, Star Wars, and Ant Man. Its funny how trailers nowadays are teaser trailers or they show way too much of the movie. I haven't decided if it is ignorance or blind confidence when this is done but it is and I'm gonna talk about it.

The trailer for this got me more excited than I thought it would. The trailer seems to shut up a lot of complaints about the first as well as answered questions as well. We see that Sue Storm was adopted by Johnny Storm's dad answering the “Why is he Black but they are related?!” question. Thing looks better than he has ever looked on film. And Mr. Fantastic appears to use his powers in a cool, fast way and not like in previous films where it was more like “Look at how far he can stretch...slowly.” I'm looking forward to seeing this. 

Excitement Level: 4/5

Batman v Superman

I've talked about this before but that was before I saw the trailer. Even after seeing it without any footage of Luthor, Wonder Woman, or Aquaman I am still not excited about it. I got to see a world darker than Gotham, some shots of Affleck as Batman sorta, and some creepy face paint people. I told Quinno that this made me feel like the fifth of a series of movies and not the second Superman movie. After getting to see more of this I got less excited which sucks. Not a single goosebump.

Excitement Level: 1/5

Star Wars The Force Awakens

I've written before about my relationship with the Star Wars films and how they were new to me because I actually watched them in order. I am looking forward to this one because while I am not a massive Star Wars fan because I didn't grow up with it and think most of the characters are dull and handled badly, I can still see that there is huge potential to be incredible. When I watched this trailer I got goosebumps once and that is scientifically how I choose how I feel about movies.

Excitement Level: 3/5

Ant Man

The first trailer for this was gimmicky bullshit. This trailer looks like it could be a really fun movie. What really, really sucks if you know the character is that one of the biggest things about him is his creation of Ultron who becomes the Avengers greatest foe. They have taken that away from Ant Man in this. This trailer makes me feel like I've seen the entire movie though. I see how he became Ant Man, why, learning to use his power, his villain, and fighting his villain. There was no need to do that much.

Excitement Level: 2/5

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