Monday, April 6, 2015

The Review: Tusk

This contains spoilers. What the fuck did I just watch? I have never said that sentence in a good way. Maybe after I go to a strip club for the first time I will. I just finished watching the movie Tusk written and directed by Kevin Smith. I am a huge fan of his movies for the most part. Six of his 11 films I have liked which is a good track record even if he were a fighter. This was not one of them. I'd heard of its development from listening to his podcast and was excited to finally get the chance to check it out. I totally could've lived without seeing this.

This is about a guy played by Justin Long that is on a podcast that heads to Canada to make fun of an interview a kid that chopped his leg off playing with a sword. He gets there and the kid has killed himself. He finds an ad with a guy played by Michael Parks offering lodging and also has some good stories to tell. He gets there and is drugged by the old man and told that he is going to be turned into a walrus. Meanwhile back at home his co-host and girlfriend are having the sex with each other.

His girlfriend and friend get a message saying he has been captured and they head there to see what happened to him. They find someone that is also trying to find him played by Johnny Depp. They eventually find him and he is in a fight to the death with the guy that turned him into a walrus.

This movie...I can't. It didn't make me laugh, smile, cringe, or feel anything for the characters in it. Its the same problem I have with most horror or gore films made today. Everyone is an asshole. I have to care about someone to be concerned if they are gonna survive or not. There are no likable people in this so I don't care for anyone other than thinking that it sucks that they're in the situation they're in. So-so acting. Bad effects. Crumby story. I can't recommend watching this to anyone.

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