Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Review: Dead Rising Watchtower

I will now be titling DVDiculous, TV Slut, Way Back, Babbling Old Man, and Demand It as The Review because it makes no sense to have that many different titles for things I watch. Today I saw a Crackle made movie called Dead Rising: Watchtower based off of the Dead Rising video game. The trailer for this looked fun but unfortunately the movie wasn't. I wasn't expecting too much. Just some fun and crazy ways to watch zombies get killed in film. This kept switching between goofy, serious, gory, then taking itself way too serious or me to be fully committed to it. I think I just described bad sex.

This movie revolves around an internet reporter which no one takes seriously in this. He and his photographer are are caught up in the middle of a zombie outbreak in a quarantined zone. They both manage to escape but she ends up back there gathering information on the military's role in events. Meanwhile he ends up hooking up with an infected girl that takes the cure, Zombrex, to stay normal. They hook up with a mother that stabbed her zombie daughter but still thinks she is alive because she is crazy and eventually she is gonna find her daughter and be killed by her.

There is a crazy biker gang with a leader that just wants to wreck shit and stay a crazy biker leader in a world that is more overrun with zombies. This movie finally gets around to using all of the crazy made up weapons but none of them seem really effective. They are just noisy. The zombies seem to range from smart (knowing how to use guns and axes) to bumbling idiots. There's no consistency and I kinda need that with zombies.

This isn't really worth checking out. Its not a good zombie movie and it isn't something that'll excite you if you're a fan of the video game which I've watched multiple play-throughs of. If this movie had gone full goofy it would have been fun or full gory to be entertaining. It went neither so I can't suggest watching it.  

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