Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In Defense Of Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool

Today I got to see an image of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool for the upcoming movie. Most times I am annoyed that so much information about movies comes out way before the movie but in this case I needed to be comforted. Deadpool is one of my favorite comic book characters and one that I never thought would get a movie. He did make an appearance, allegedly, in that terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie six years ago but that doesn't count. Why? Because of what they did to him! Reynolds was cool when that movie started.

But then this happened.

Seriously. What the actual fuck was going on with this?! Why did they think this was an okay thing to do?! You take a character that is known as the “Merc' With A Mouth” and you make it so that he can't talk? You give him powers he doesn't have? Sword arms? Lasers? Teleportation?! One of the saddest things about this was the fact that Reynolds is a huge fan of Deadpool and they did this. By the way, that is not him in that shitty “costume.”

I am fully aware that Reynolds has also played The Green Lantern and that was one of the worst superhero movies ever made. Just thinking about it makes me upset. But between the cool trailer that was made with the help of Reynolds, him being a fan of the character, and the way it looks has me excited. Look at that costume! Its the shit! Besides the story what I care most about when I see a comic book based movie is how they look. It never makes sense to me when they can't at the very least get that right. Some people have complained about Reynolds being in this movie based on his previous portrayal of the character and some people just hate Ryan Reynolds. He's done some things I've enjoyed so I am hopeful.

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