Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Stop It Tyga

Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson aka Tyga is a rapper. I guess. He is 25 years old and fucking a teenager. Now, I know that when people are well known (even though many of you reading this are wondering who the hell this guy with tattoos he'll regret in five years is) they can and will fuck people that are illegal for them to be dating and creepy for them to even know. Hell, I barely even know anyone in their 20's.

The 17 year old he is dating (even though he won't say it but got her name tattooed on his arm) is named Kylie Jenner. You may know her as a girl on Instagram. Or Kim Kardashian's younger sister/inspiration for the Kylie Jenner Challenge that I wrote about. And she is 17 years old. And he is 25. And he has a child. Not with her though. A chick named Blac Chyna that is known for...well.

Yeah. That. So he met her in 2011. By 2012 they had a kid named King Cairo because life is not hard enough sometimes. And by 2013 they were engaged. In 2014 they split thankfully before getting married. I am bothered by this mostly because he is a man dating a kid. Yes, I am the same person that praised a mother of five for having sex with a couple of teenage boys. Click here to check that out. What bugs me most is the older guys dating teenage girls because I had to deal with that growing up. First high-schoolers dating junior high girls then guys that were old enough to be out of college fucking the teens. It was like “Come on, dude!” So stop fucking a kid, Tyga. Yeah, she'll be 18 soon but you are still gross for that shit. And make up with your baby mama. She is wasting time fighting a kid.

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