Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Review: Batman Vs. Robin

Spoilers! Just to start, Batman Vs. Robin is awesome. This is the story of Batman trying to deal with the fact that his son Damien is a psychopath. He runs off on his own after stealing the Batmobile to stop the Doll Maker. He finds him and starts a battling when Batman shows up and tells him that he sucks at team work and needs to control his anger. Doll Man escapes and is killed by a guy in an evil owl costume that rips his heart out and tells Damien to follow his nature. Batman shows up like “The fuck, Robin?!” and Robin acts all insulted as if he wasn't gonna kill the guy himself.

So Batman tries to keep Robin on lockdown at the Wayne Manor. Robin still tries to sneak out and eventually does. Batman is attacked by some zombie fighters and gets his ass handed to him. The owl man, Talon, shows up and tries to get Robin to kill some thugs he stopped. Robin follows Talon and Talon is like “Batman doesn't want you to be yourself. I do. Join me. We'll kill people. It'll be awesome.” Robin considers this after training with Nightwing and fighting dirty.

There is a secret society called The Court of Owls that has been in Gotham City for years just watching and waiting for their chance to come back. They try to recruit Bruce Wayne not knowing that he is Batman. He's like “I'll think about it” not knowing that he is fucking this chick that runs the court. Talon tells how he became who he is. Damien is trying to figure out if he is really a nutty ass rage monster. Its awesome. The art, voices, and music in this were great. Oh, and the fight scenes? Damn! This movie had the best fight scenes I have ever seen in any animated Batman film.

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