Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Review: Death Wish (1974)

I have never been a huge fan of Charles Bronson. Not for any reason other than the fact that I have not seen too many of his movies. I've seen maybe five of them out of the dozens and dozens he has made. Today I decided to watch Death Wish. This was made in 1974 which makes for fun scenes like a cop having to run for blocks to find a pay phone that works. This movie also had a young Denzel Washington and Jeff Goldblum.

Bronson stars as Paul Kersey. He is a normal guy with a nice normal family until one day his wife is followed home by Goldblum and his friends who attack and rape(?) his wife and daughter. The wife is beaten up and I know if this was made today it'd be way more brutal. Kersey and his son-in-law arrive at the hospital and he finds out that his wife died and his daughter is mentally fucked because of what happened. After a trip for work he is given a gun as a gift and as soon as he gets back home his kill switch is engaged.

This was a cool movie and showed how vengeance can backfire and you can start to become just as bad as the people you are hunting. That Jodie Foster movie The Brave One copied so much from this movie but wasn't close to as good. In this he proactively looked for bad guys and made himself a target. In the latter she just happened to have the worst luck ever.

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