Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Review: Star Wars Rogue One

Star Wars Rogue One 2/10

I did not enjoy this movie. Full disclosure and as some of you may know, I did not grow up watching Star Wars. Knew what it was, had some toys, but did not see the movies until I was older and watched them in in order of Episode 1 through Episode 6 which Star Wars fans say you should never do. Too late. I did it. I was also confused waiting for that Black Storm Trooper to show up and then realized that I was watching the wrong movie. Either way I was already in and forcing myself to finish this one. I won't bother listing who is in it or anything like that because I don't feel like it. The basic premise is a girl's father helped create the Death Star, he leaves, her mom dies, she is abandoned by someone that was supposed to take care of her, she is arrested, she is forced to care about the war, she joins the war and helps them win.

I think I'll be fine if I never watch another one of these films. I was thinking of watching The Force Awakens but I'm okay. No need to. I like the way characters look in these films but can not get attached to any of the stories. I liked the blind dude and when the Rogue Squadron showed up I got goosebumps but that is because I was addicted to to old N64 video game. That damned game caused me for reals neck pains. This is not one of those things where I like Star Trek and hate Star Wars. There are a lot of shitty Trek shows and films. A lot. I saw a trailer for the new series and might watch it just because the Black chick is cute. Otherwise I am done with space unless you got a talking raccoon in it.

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