Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Review: Making A Murderer

Cam and I finally finished watching the Netflix series Making A Murderer. This is based off of the true, happening right now case of Steven Avery being tried to a sexual assault, spending 18 years in prison, getting out, and two years later being tried for murder. This series had both of us cursing at the screen a lot, mad at the justice system, and hoping that if shit ever went down that we'd be able to afford a good lawyer because sometimes that is all it comes down to.

The family that Avery comes from are odd in many ways and so is the law in the town of Manitowac County, Wisconsin. Avery and his kin are not known as the best people in town. He has been in and out of jail and they pin this rape and assault on him even when there is a shit ton of evidence that shows he is innocent. He gets out and lawyers up to sue the police. Fast forward he and his obviously mentally slow nephew Brendan Dassey are charged with the rape and murder of a photographer named Teresa Halbach.

Whether you finish watching this and think that Avery is guilty or not you have to acknowledge that there is so much shady shit happening. We had to keep screaming “How? Why? That's not legal!” so many times. This is not a show you should watch back to back. One friend asked me if this show was good and I had to think and say “Good is a weird word to describe the show. Its aggravating.”

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