Sunday, January 3, 2016

Worst Movies Of 2015

This year when a movie was bad it was super bad. In 2015 I ended up giving a zero to the third movie that I ever have. It takes a certain level of hatred towards a movie and everything about it for me to give a movie something lower than a one. Click here for the Top 12 Worse Films Of 2014 and here for my Best Movies Of 2015.

Funny that Jennifer Lawrence starred in two of the worst movies for me that year. This movie was bad from the top to the bottom. Bad acting, bad accents, bad story. I hated this movie so damned much. No one liked it. The actors didn't even promote the damned thing and probably hope you forgot that it even exists. I haven't!

Quote from review. “Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence manage to have less chemistry than a school in Los Angeles. Every scene in this is rough to watch.”

One of the movies that reminded me of Zero Dark Thirty where people are raving about how great it is but I was bored as all hell watching it. I couldn't suggest this to anyone. Just a long ass movie about nothing really.

Quote from review. “I could have left, played some video games, had a quick lunch, came back, and still not have missed any information that was important to the story.”

Like I said in the review, the first few minutes are good. The rest is a batch of nonsense. The ending is confusing as all hell and made me laugh but not in a good way. It turned into an old Coke commercial.

Quote from review. “As an adult the story was way too weak to keep me interested. There are too many grown ass concepts for kids to get. I guess they'd enjoy the special effects.”

Big dinosaurs get attacked by bigger dinosaurs while annoying people get attacked by dinosaurs. I don't understand why this was made other than money. They had it and wanted to make more so they did this shit.

Quote from review. “Then there are the two kids in this. The young one that is a smart pussy and the teenager that is such a douche. He can't be bothered to care about anything but the girls he sees and looking as unaffected by everything. I wanted both of them gone for different reasons.”

(long heavy sigh followed by head shaking)

Quote from review. “I knew this wouldn't be good but I really didn't expect it to be as bad as it was. I feel bad for anyone that has a real love of the franchise because it is now wrecked.”

This movie put my friend to sleep. People left the theater. I would have too but the creators and some of the actors were in the theater so I was guilted into staying. This movie was the cure for insomnia. I wanted to take a nap so bad!

Quote from review. “This was one of those movies where I know people will love it but it was missing something to me. It was a little over 90 minutes but felt like three hours.”

Way to spend a lot of money on a movie where the star looks like he would rather be doing anything but being James Bond. I hate that this was even made because I have liked the other Bond films so much.

Quote from review. “I couldn't get interested in the story, the characters, the villains, or the gadgets. It was like Craig didn't want to be there and everyone's acting seemed a bit off.”

Hahahaha!!! This movie happened! Hahahahaha!!!

Quote from review. “And I love that the ending left room for a sequel. Hahaha! Stupid, hopeful movie. You'll never have a sequel. This movie made sure that no other Jem movies ever get made.”

If there is a best of the worst this is probably it. This could have been an at least okay movie if it weren't for the fact that it couldn't decide who the hell it was made for other than young boys that don't know that the internet exists and you can see boobs for free there.

Quote from review. “I'm not quite sure who this is for. Not teens because of the nudity and the amount of cursing even though in real life teens are far worse. Not enough of a story for adults.”

This fucking ass shit. This movie was so much bullshit. I hated it on a personal level for no reason.

Quote from review. “I fucking hated this movie. I hate it because it tricks people into thinking that Katniss is a strong female character and she is not close to it. She is a whiny ass character that gets fucked up all the time and saved by some guy that is going to get killed soon.”

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