Monday, December 5, 2016

The Review: The Green Room

The Green Room 7/10

A while back I saw the trailer for this movie and while I know it came out in theaters I could not find a place nearby actually playing it. The Green Room was also Anton Yelchin's last film before his death. Or maybe it was that bad Star Trek movie. Either way, he and Patrick Stewart are the people I knew from other things. This is about a punk band that gets hired to play at a gig with some neo-Nazi's as the crowd. They go there and one of them witnesses a crime. The bad guys are like “Its cool, just relax...” and the next thing you know they are trapped in the green room with a big ass dude with a gun and a bunch of bad guys on the outside.

This movie starts off kinda like “Meh...okay.” Its not terrible but I was just kinda waiting for the wild shit to start based on the trailer. But once it gets going the shit never stops. And when they show violence it is brutal as hell! If something bad happens they don't cut away from it. You see people get eaten by dogs, their faces blown off, and all kinda shit. This was a very cool movie but there was one chick in it where I was like “Um, this chick better have some awesome cool back story!” but it was never touched on. She was just a tweaker that knew how to do a lot of cool shit. Check this out on Amazon.

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