Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Review: London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen 3/10

I read my review again for the movie Olympus Has Fallen from a few years back and apparently I really enjoyed it. I just watched London Has Fallen tonight and can not say the same thing. This movie is about terrorists getting revenge and the reason why seems amazingly justified. The bad guy is at his daughters wedding and it gets bombed killing a bunch of folks but not him. He decides to attack all these word leaders including the president Benjamin Asher again played by Aaron Eckhart. Of course there to protect him is Mike Banning played by Gerard Butler. Instead of ignoring his wife like in the first film she is pregnant so that means there is one more dangerous mission.

At the funeral all hell breaks loose and everybody is getting killed. These bad guy with good reason have the best orchestrated plan in the history of villainy. I mean, they even have those British guards with fuzzy hats on their side. Its fucking nuts. Banning and Asher get away with Angela Bassett. She dies because Black person in a helicopter crash. Not crash. Its hit with a fucking rocket. The rest of then movie is a bunch of Banning killing people and surviving shit that no one should. Even when they kill the bad guy it didn't make me feel good because his reasons for the killing, while extreme as fuck in method, seemed justified. And just to prove they learned nothing they end up killing the original bad guy using the same method that caused all this shit!

This movie was not close to as fun or entertaining as the first. The effects were terrible. The car chases showed nothing new or exciting. If you just want to see shit get blown up with bad special effects then by all means watch this. There is a third one coming out and I'll wait for that to come on demand to check it out.

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