Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Review: iBoy

iBoy 1/10

My spell correct don't even like the title of this movie. I saw this was on Netflix and laughed at the cover above and saw Sansa was in it and decided to say “Fuck it. I'm adventurous.” This stars Bill Milner as a kid named Tom that likes a girl named Lucy played by Maisie Williams. One day while he is going to her place he notices she is being attacked or something and runs away and while running away he gets shot while calling the police. The phone explodes and he wakes up ten days later in the hospital with pieces of shrapnel in his head that they can't take out. Its like Iron Man but shitty. Yeah. That is the best way to describe the way he got hurt.

So he heads home and starts to realize that he can control electronic stuff with his mind. Yes. Because a phone exploded against his head he now has powers. I know lots of stupid ass ways people have gotten super powers. Radioactive spider bites. Running into explosions...that are radioactive. But a damned cell phone? No. I refuse to accept that. Anyhoot, he ends up finding out that he goes to school with the bad guys that attacked Sansa and slowly starts to fuck with them...with TECHNOLOGY! He blows up their cell phones. He messes up their drug transactions.

Bad guys start to figure out who he is after a while. He watches videos in his minds eye and learns to fight...sort of. Its terrible. I get he wants revenge but showing clips of your classmates jerking off at home to the school and burning a bunch of cocaine is not helping. This movie could have been done as more of a comedy and worked but they went hardcore and for this story and the characters it did not fit at all. Even though this is free if you have Netflix I would not suggest you watch this.

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