Monday, February 20, 2017

The Review: The Accountant

The Accountant 7/10

There will be total spoilers. My cousin Jasmine has been telling me for months that I needed to finish watching The Accountant starring Ben Affleck. I started it a while ago and just could not get into it. Based on the trailer I expected this bad ass action movie with this autistic guy that could kick ass. Turns out I had to just watch it for about five more minutes than when I tapped out the first time because the movie picks right the fuck up and becomes something different.

Affleck plays a guy named Christian Wolff. Its not his real name. He works as an accountant doing work for big businesses trying to find embezzlers and such. He is good at it. Through flashbacks we are shown his family trying to deal with his autism. He would lash out, scream, get violent. He was offered a place at an institute but his military father was like “Fuck that. Life sucks. I'll make him tough.” His mom can not deal with all this shit so his father takes care of the boys. And by take care of I mean send them to other countries where they get their asses kicked and train.

Christian gets hired to find out who is stealing money from a company and in doing so meets with Dana Cummings played by Anna Kendrick. This is when I stopped the film last time. I didn't want this to turn into Silver Linings Playbook aka Hugs Not Drugs. I was wrong. After the have their little moment shit gets crazy real quick. People in this company are being killed by this hitman played by Jon Bernthal. That's right. Its Batman versus Punisher in this bitch!

I would have given this a higher rating if not for the very slow start. The flashbacks help tell the story but it would've helped if these scenes were at the start of the movie or just start the movie fast, insert these scenes as exposition, and then return to the present. This movie had a very cool cast of actors and a really surprisingly good story...except for that twist at the end. The twist damn near made me spit my lemonade. Not in shock but amazement that they'd have the balls to get that cornball with it. The fight scenes were cool as hell and the director also did Warrior which not enough people saw but was incredible. I'd definitely watch this again.

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