Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Review: American Gods Episode 3 “Head Full Of Snow”

American Gods Episode 3 “Head Full Of Snow” 10/10

This damned show, I swear. American Gods has been great every single week and it makes me so nervous because I remember feeling this good about The Flash and it ended up stanking in the second season and I haven't even touched the third one. “Its good! It gets better!” you say. Well, so are a lot of other shows on TV right now. I don't have the time to watch okay ones or wait for them to pick up. This episode continues the tradition of introducing new gods in really cool ways. This lady is cooking in the kitchen as her cat watched. I was just waiting to see her tumble fro the stool she is on. Someone knocks and she thinks its her grand-kids but its not.

Its a Blacker!

This guy named Mr. Jacquel tells her that she is dead and needs to leave with him. She tells him that she has a TV and her son has a phone if he wants to rob the place. She sees her dead body on the floor and is bummed out. Turns out she did fall fro the stool. See, old people? Cut that shit out. He explains to her who he is, she already knows, and he takes her to the desert where she has her heart weighed against a feather. Its a thing. She enters the afterlife, the Duat they say, after her cat shoves her in at the last second. Meanwhile Shadow heads to the roof to talk to one of those three sisters. She ends up kissing him because she's never done it and gives him a coin he should always keep.

Shadow ends up playing checkers again with Czernobog and wins this time tricking him into playing again by questioning whether or not his hammer blow to the head will kill him or just leave him brain damaged. Czernobog is like “Cool. But once we reach Wisconsin I'm still gonna smash your brains in.” Mad Sweeney is on a bad luck road trip. He gets almost shot while in a toilet stall. He gets a ride from a nice man who gets his face impaled moments after starting the car. Sweeney realizes he gave Shadow his lucky coin. He finds Shadow and Mr. Wednesday planing a heist of some sort and asks where Shadow left it. Shadow says he tossed it in his wife's grave. He isn't joking. He did it episode one.

Sweeney heads off to go grave digging reminding Shadow that he will be just another strange man on top of his dead wife. Burn! He finds her grave and there is a hole in the casket and her damn body is missing! What is happening?! In New York this guy is trying to get a job and is left to sit all day and the guy never even shows up to interview him. It sucks. He hops into a cab and he and the driver strike up a conversation about where they come from. He notices after the driver falls asleep in traffic that he as fire eyes and is an Ifrit or genie. He tells him that he believes in him and the genie says he does not grant wishes. After a touch on the shoulder they end up in a hotel room having magical desert sex. Like full on man-on-man sexy time. With flames. It was intense.

I love how each episode starts off showing something that does not seem relevant to the story (so far) but in and of itself is a really cool short story. It sounds weird to say but there are so many interesting characters in this series that I am not dying to know what is happening with Shadow and Mr. Wednesday. Three episodes in and I am still digging the hell out of this show. And don't worry. I'll be reviewing other shows very soon.

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