Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Review: American Gods Episode 2 "The Secret of Spoons"

American Gods “The Secret of Spoons”

Oh, American Gods is back again with an awesome ass episode. As crazy as episode one was I was hoping the second wouldn't falter and it did not. While not as visually insane it was more linear and still really good. I'm also not gonna give another rating for this series until it wraps up and I can weigh it all together. This picks up where the last episode left off after Shadow was cut down after being hung and someone or something turned all the attackers into juice. He heads to Mr. Wednesday's hotel, where he of course is with some young chick, and tells him that he was attacked. Mr. Wednesday kinda plays it off coolly but tells him that just because he is not upset that does not mean he is not angry. Meanwhile...

A flashback shows a slave ship full of, well, slaves. One of them starts praying to a god named Anansi. He promises many things to Anansi, played by Orlando Jordan, who appears dressed in an indigo colored suit (which I did not know but the use of this color in clothing made the importation of slave to America spike) tells them the future of Blacks in America, even explaining to them that they are now know as Black. He tells them how they will eventually be freed but then shot and killed by police and then instructs them to burn the ship. One slave says they will die. He points out they are already dead so might as well die for a cause. The ship burns and a little spider makes it onto shore aboard a piece of wood. It was an intense as fuck scene.

In another scene we get a look at Bilquis shoving men and women into her vajayjay. Like...a lot of people. Its a whole 'nother dimension or something in there. After ward she does not seen all that happy and falls asleep with tears rolling down her cheek. Then they show her totally butt booty ass naked and my knees buckled. She heads to a museum and sees some jewelry and envisions herself wearing it. She looks happy, then sad, then angry. Not sure where that is headed but I'm intrigued.

Shadow and Wednesday go on a road trip and end up in Chicago. Wednesday sends Shadow to go grab some stuff where he ends up being talked to by Lucille Ball. Her name is Media and she is played by Gillian Anderson. Gotta say. She looked hot. It was weird. I'll admit it. She asks Shadow to join her and offers him anything he wants. He ends up turning her down and heads back to Wednesday telling him the crazy shit he saw and is wondering if he is losing his mind.

Shadow and Wednesday head to this farm where they meet an old lady that knows Wednesday and wants him to leave. She is there with her two sisters, one of them is unseen, and someone named Czernobog played by Peter Stormare who makes everything he is in better. He has no desire to join up with Wednesday and after an uncomfortable conversation about how cows are killed and how much Czernobog misses killing them with a hammer they finish dinner and play chess. If Shadow wins then Czernobog comes along. If he loses then Shadow gets a hammer to the skull and sunrise. This fucking show is insane and amazing.

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