Monday, March 14, 2016

The Review: Hot Tub Time Machine (old review)

Okay, now I know a lot of people shit on this movie for the title alone. But I’m one of those people where if you have something that sounds goofy enough I will check it out. Hot Tub Time Machine is one of those kinda movies. Now to let everyone know, when this movie was billed as the next hangover I was hesitant. I’m that one guy that didn’t like The Hangover. At all. I chuckled at one scene and that was it. But I figured I’d give this one a shot.

This movie stars John CusackRob CorddryCraig Robinson, and Clark Duke. Cusack comes home to find his wife has left him with nothing. Literally. His nephew played by Duke lives in his basement playing video games about prison. Corrdry almost kills himself drunk driving. Not actually while driving but check it out and you’ll see why it’s the dumbest and funniest ways to almost die. And Robinson works at a pet boutique pulling objects out of dogs asses and helping them lose weight.

They all decide to take a trip to a place they used to go to when they were younger. A ski resort that was the place to be in the 80’s. They arrive and its dead. Everything is shut down and they have a bellhop with one arm and a bad disposition played by Crispen Glover who has experience with time travel films. While realizing how shitty their lives now are they decide to jump into the hot tub to relax. After spilling a drink on the controls they are transported back to 1986.

See, this is the point where you decide to check out or continue going. They look around the ski lodge and see MTV playing videos (the first sign something isn’t right), ALF on television, leg warmers, cassette players, jerry curls, and the one thing that solidifies that they are in the past.

“What color is Michael Jackson?”

Clark, who is the youngest character and having not been born in 1986, sees his mother as a crack snorting slut. He realizes that changing any small thing will affect their futures. Some of the guys don’t see that as such a bad thing. After trying to stay on the same path as they did back in the past things happen that make them realize that it may not be such a bad thing to alter the future just a tiny bit. Would you still break up with that hot girl? Would you still sleep with that other one? Would you allow your ass to be kicked? Would you go for the girl you never even saw the first time around?

This movie is not only funny as hell but it made me wonder what kind of stuff I’d do with access to a time machine. Oh, and before I forget. Chevy Chase is in this movie. Yeah. And the always hot as hell Lizzy Caplan. You may not know her name but you’ve seen her before and she is just too damn hot for me. I recommended seeing this movie with some goofy ass friends unless you don’t mind laughing in a theater alone. I don’t.

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