Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Review: Tangerine

I finally got around to watching Tangerine a couple of days ago. Camille had mentioned this after seeing it in theaters and bought it on Blu-Ray and let me borrow it. My cousin Jasmine caught it on Netflix. This was a damned good crazy movie. Shot completely on iPhone it proves that you can do quite a bit with very little. I know in reviews it tends to focus more on how it was filmed and where but don't mention the story very much. It stars Kitana Kiki Rodriguez as Sin-Dee Rella and Mya Taylor as Alexandra. They are transgender prostitutes on Santa Monica and Highland and as a resident of WeHo for about 18 years I thought “Well, that sounds about right.”

Sin-Dee gets out of prison after a month on Christmas Eve and meets up with her friend Alexandra. Alexandra lets Sin-Dee know that her boyfriend Chester played by James Ransone has been cheating on her with a “real fish.” Alexandra does not want any drama and tries to balance the day between keeping Sin-Dee from getting thrown back in jail, dealing with costumers who want her services, the police, and getting people to show up for her performance. Sin-Dee is out for blood. There is so much drama but its the good kind. You get to meet Chester which is quite an experience. Oh, and the cab driver. Damn.

This movie had me laughing, surprised, feeling sympathy for the characters, and thoroughly entertained. There was a small amount of time I was wondering where the story was going regarding the cab driver but that was handled quite well and not spoon fed the way I was expecting it to be. If you have the chance you really should check this movie out. Good acting, a good look, and great acting.

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