Monday, March 14, 2016

The Review: Kick Ass (old review)

Kick Ass ruled on so many levels. I never read the comic book so I don’t have the normal nerd complaints like most fan boys do (“What happened to the psychic octopus?!” they cried as they watched The Watchmen). I just knew the basic premise. Kid wonders why there are no superheroes and decides to become one with terrible results.

This movie stars Aaron Johnson as Kick Ass, Christopher Mintz Plasse as Red Mist, Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl, and Nicholas Cage as Big Daddy. One day Dave Lizewski asks his friends why the are thousands of people that want to be Paris Hilton but no one wants to be a superhero? “Because you’d get killed in like a day” his friend responds. This does not stop him from going out and fighting crime. Or getting his ass whipped more like it. Big Daddy and his daughter Hit Girl are professionals at what they do and decide to take Kick Ass under their wings. Red Mist joins later with an awesome ass car that shoots “mist” and arguably the best costume.
I don’t wanna ruin too much of this film. What I’ve mentioned can be seen from the trailer or from reading reviews. I am telling you now though: See this fucking movie before Monday! It will be all over the news. It will be blogged about everywhere. Your friends will spoil this movie. Hell, your aunt Shirley might spoil it for you. Lot’s of pissed off people mad about the things Hit Girl says and does in this movie. 

This movie delivered on everything the trailer and the hype promised. A cool movie with cool action, funny ass dialogue, and more violence than I have seen in a long time mostly perpetrated by an 11 year old that could whoop a grown man’s ass. Yes, this is a movie. Yes, people die. No, do not take your children. Sucks that the movie made Ebert “grow sad” but you cant please everyone.

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