Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Review: GLOW The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

GLOW The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling 9/10

I watched the documentary of Glow: The Story Of The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling and I'll be damned if I didn't learn a lot of new information. Most documentaries are like “Wow. Its rough being Black. Oh. America sure did a lot of shady shit during World War 2. Damn. Sex used to be boring.” This one shows the history of GLOW from its very beginning to how they gathered a roster of young women and somehow got them to become wrestlers without telling them that they were auditioning for a wrestling based series.

I watched this show as a kid and had my favorites. Matilda The Hun. Mt. Fiji. Later Big Bad Mama. Little Egypt. The Farmer's Daughters. Spanish Red who I thought looked Asian. I would watch this on Saturday in the early afternoon as a kid. Watching this as a grown ass man it is pretty clear that I had no real adult supervision because I was pretty much watching naked women rolling around a ring. They had on bikinis an lingerie. These women wanted to be models and actresses and the next thing you know they are living in Las Vegas rapping and wrestling. Fuck staying on beat! I think 20% of them rapped to what was playing.

While they lived in Vegas they were split up between the good girl and the bad girls. The booker of the show told them that they had to stay in character when in public and there could be no mixing of the sides or they would be fined and punished. Besides showing actual footage from the series you get to hear interviews with the women that used to perform. Most of them have not even been in touch with one another since the show ended suddenly so Little Egypt, inspired by the filming of this documentary, decides to have a reunion. There is a scene during the reunion that almost made me cry. Mind you, I have no cried in 16 years and the only things that can make me feel like it may happen is a song from An American Tail, the last scene from Antwoine Fisher, when Optimus Prime died in the Transformers cartoon, and Eddie Guerrero tribute videos. So when it happened watching this I had to say to myself “Really? This? A GLOW documentary is gonna get me? Stop it! Grr. No. Pinch you. Pinch you, bitch...”

If you watched this show when it aired you will love this. It made me appreciate what the hell these women were doing and the dedication they had to the characters they played. They had country against country, race against race, hookers against cheerleaders. Everything. But be careful of them damned onion ninjas.

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