Thursday, April 13, 2017

The Review: Kevin Hart What Now?

Kevin Hart What Now? 8/10

I am so glad that What Now? with Kevin Hart was funny. I did not enjoy Let Me Explain a few years back and thought that maybe Hart had lost his funny for me but this damn thing had me cracking up a lot. I recently watched Louis CK and Dave Chappelle's latest specials which were funny as fuck so this one had an uphill battle coming in. I laughed a bunch of times during this and was even into the short film at the start and end of this starring Hart and Halle Berry. How dare she still be so hot? Its a James Bond spoof where even Don Cheadle shows up and had me cracking up when Hart made fun of him as Black Iron Man. Its an actual good action film. Please don't make it a full film.

The stand up was done in a damned stadium that was packed with tens of thousands of people. I couldn't imagine seeing a stand up in that type of environment. Hart used the large stage well and the screens behind him were used to help tell some of the stories he told. When he talked about a raccoon threatening him eyes lit up on the screen. When he talked about text messages they would show up as well. This just came out on Netflix so if you get the chance to check this out you should. I haven't laughed this hard at Hart in years.

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