Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Review: The Brothers Grimsby

The Brothers Grimsby 7/10

A while back I accidentally heard about this movie called The Brothers Grimsby. I don't even remember how or when but while looking at stuff on Youtube I saw Sacha Baron Cohen show a clip from this movie where they couldn't show the scene but just the audience reaction. That made me want to check this out because I had to see what could do this to someone. In clips from scary movies its always just a blanket being yanked off someone sleeping or a chair moving. In this I knew it was following an explosion so I figured it was a gross wound. Oh, no. It was far worse than that.

Cohen plays Nobby Graves. He is an alcoholic living in a town named Grimsby with a wife payed by Rebel Wilson and a bunch of kids with names like Django Unchained and Luke (because they shave his head bald to collect leukemia payments). Though it all seems insane he is happy and so is everyone around him even when he sticks a firework up his ass and runs around the bar drunk. He misses his brother though and has kept his room the same for almost 30 years.

His brother Sebastian played by Mark Strong is a secret agent for M16 and on a mission to protect someone at a world cure event named Rhonda George played by Penelope Cruz. Nobby is told that his brother Sebastian has been found and will be there so he go and right when Sebastian is about to kill an assassin his brother hugs him making him shoot an AIDS infected kid in a wheelchair and the blood sprays into Daniel Radcliffe's mouth which happened to be full of sores thereby infecting him with AIDS as well. He and his brother barely escape alive.

The parts of this movie that were funny either made me laugh or cracked up laughing in disgust or horror. There are some serious laugh out loud moments in this. The parts that are done as a straight up spy film are really cool and could totally be its own film. Strong is one of those actors that I could watch kick ass all day. By the way, someone else gets AIDS and I am sure many people cheered when they saw it. Check this movie out if you get the chance.

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