Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Review: Flash Season Two

The Flash 2/10

I have been trying to think of another show that dropped in quality as much as this second season of The Flash did. Daredevil was bad in its second season but Punisher helped quite a bit. Sadly, there was no gun wielding psychopath to save this show. Between there being 23 episodes and the fact that it took a break in the middle I had to reread what even happened this season. This season starts off half a year after the last season where Barry Allen feels bad for taking credit for saving the Earth and his city. By the way, when his city is in trouble, it kinda is world threatening which makes me wonder why Green Arrow and Supergirl don't call to offer help.

A portal opens up and this guy named Jay Garrick who is Earth-2's Flash shows up talking about this evil speedster named Zoom. Also that Earth's version of Professor Well's shows up at some point. He is bad on his planet but not evil the way the fake professor that turned out to be someone impersonating the real Wells is. Goddamn it, this is confusing. He also has a daughter. By using the internet I find out that this girl will one day become a speedster as well.

A lot of time is dedicated to villain of the week stuff where no one seems all that dangerous and Zoom is more than enough. Maybe they should have brought him out way later in the season because I was so over him well before he unmasked and showed himself to be “Jay Garrick.” They try to figure out how to send him back, and then Flash gets the guilties and ends up going to Earth-2 after sending Zoom back, and meets his doppelganger, and they bring Wells' daughter back with them, then they get stuck in Earth-2, they meet Killer Frost and she is hot but whatever.

Know what? Not gonna waste more time explaining this season. There was so much nonsense in this. It felt like a different show in tone every other episode. Characters would act one way in an episode and then do shit way out of character the next. Oh worse they would do it within the same episode. Last weeks episode had me cracking up because everyone was happy but there was a few minutes left so of course Zoom appeared and stuck his hand through Flash's dads chest and they bring him back but as another Flash in the last episode. I didn't even care! I knew episodes ago that the guy in the mask held captive by Zoom was gonna look like his dad before his dad told him “Huh. My mother's maiden name is Garrick!” and Barry had no reaction to it. This fucking genius guy, who last time I checked has not done police work since episode five maybe, didn't pick up on this clue?!

Oh, and to top everything off, the last episode and the fate of the planet is predicated on a race. A race! Flash wins of course but then he says “Yeah, everything in my life is shit and I have saved you all and could bang hot ass Iris but I feel the need to make shit more complicated!” and he races back in time to stop his mother from being killed. I don't even care. Make a third season. I won't watch the garbage. Last season they had 23 episodes and only one stunk. This time they had 23 and I can't point out one where I thought “Oh, this was a good one!”

What happened? Why was this so bad? Is it that there were so many episodes? Too many writers and director changes? Were people told how each episode should go and they decided to just go their own way for someone else to clean up later? Either way they took a beautiful thing and shat all over it.

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