Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Review: Supergirl

The phrase “Its just the pilot” can no longer be used as an excuse for a new series. We live in a time where there are way too many TV shows on for the first episode to not at least get close to be really good. The new Supergirl series debuted on CBS last night and it was just like I feared it would be according to a post I did earlier this year. This show suffers from uneven acting to a very rushed origin story and by the middle of it I was ready to check out. Supergirl is already a character that I'm not a fan of except in the Justice League cartoons. But the same could be said for Flash. I was not a fan of him at all but love the show.

Melissa Benoist stars as Kara Zor-El aka Kara Danvers aka Supergirl. This starts off with her being put on a rocket ship from Krypton and told that she is supposed to protect her cousin who would one day become every version of the name Superman. Its weird. I think they said his name maybe once and used other versions the rest of the time. Her ship gets knocked off course and by the time she gets to Earth he's already doing his thing. She is raised like a normal girl fully aware that she is strong as all hell. A dull girl becomes a dull girl with powers. 

Then...a lot of boring happens. Her sister secretly hates that she was once special until a real special girl showed up. Her rocket ended up bringing a bunch of angry alien criminals with her that want her dead because her mother sentenced them to the Phantom Zone. Jimmy Olsen is Black. Its all crazy. The bad guy she goes against kicks her ass, she gets captured by a special team, and ends up beating the bad guy thereby making anything they do from now on seem ridiculous. This girl that hasn't even flown in years and I doubt has any fight training was able to beat an alien that spent untold amounts of time in prison and kills for sport? Okay. Sure.

I have no interest is watching another episode of this and that sucks. I wasn't hoping this would be bad. I like new shows especially superhero related ones. But this one has the oddest mixture of actors. White characters are made Black for some odd reason. Yeah. I'm that guy. Supergirl has no personality. Hell, Superman himself barely does. They could have saved a boss fight for episode three but they decided to squeeze an origin story, costume design, and naming the character into forty something minutes. There was talk of this and Flash being in the same universe. I hope not.

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