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10 Reasons Why You Should Have Watched The Flash

Its crazy how easily I could've missed out on one of the best series of the past year and a half. The Flash aired its first season on the CW as a spinoff from Arrow which is a show I had no interest in watching. If Donnie hadn't told me to check it out I never would've because that channel is not a channel I watch. Yeah, back in the day I watched Felicity, Dawson's Creek, and Smallville but that was it. Oh, and I think Buffy. It also didn't help that I watch everything online or Youtube. This is going to be full of spoilers so if you don't wanna know stop reading. But if you're one of those people that can read 'em and not care then knock yourself out.

This show is about a forensics guy named Barry Allen (Grant Austin) that was struck by lightning after an experiment in the city went wrong and can move ridiculously fast. Others were also given powers and he fights against them with the help of Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) who was in charge of the experiment at S.T.A.R Labs, Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) who is a bio-engineering expert, and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) their mechanical engineer. His father was arrested for the murder of his mom after a “man in yellow” killed her and no one believes it. He was adopted by his fathers friend Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and lived with his daughter Iris who he likes but never tells. Here are the 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Watched The Flash.

Great Personal Interaction

In most TV shows you see two main characters that do most of the heavy lifting. In others its that plus two others who are likely doing so just so they can date later on. In this show there are more than six interactions between the characters that actually have an effect on the show and each other. You can't have Barry pissing off Iris and not have Joe know about it. You can't have Cisco working on something without Barry knowing or Dr. Wells finding out. There are no wasted characters on this show and everyone crosses paths with one another. A show based on a character that runs fast would fail miserably if not for the great interaction between everyone.

Supporting Cast That Matters

This is not one of those shows where if the main character isn't on screen you count the minutes until they are back. Smallville was like that. The supporting cast sucked except for Lex Luthor. I would watch this show even if The Flash wasn't there. I know that sounds strange but if they just focused on S.T.A.R Labs I'd be into it. Though Barry is very important to this show everyone has something happening that carried the show each week.

Dr. Fucking Wells

When it turned out that this guy was the main villain it genuinely shocked me. I did not read The Flash comics so I knew the bare minimum about his story and didn't care. Lots of people knew what was up with Dr. Wells. Turns out he is from the future and has fought Flash and came back to ruin his life (kill his mother!) to change the course of history. He got stuck here so he insured that Flash would happen and try to guide him until the day he could use him to go back home.

For the longest he was this smart guy that fucked up and ended up killing Caitlin's boyfriend and ending up in a wheelchair. Fast forward to him standing out of his wheelchair and checking future newspapers to see if what he was doing was working. The look on Barry's face when he finds out that the man that was teaching him about his new powers was the same man that killed his mother will wreck you. Dr. Wells is one of the best villains in television history.

22 – 1

As good as a show is when you have 23 episodes in your first season chances are there are gonna be some missteps. This happened on episode eighteen called All Star Team Up. The Atom showed up and that episode stunk. In this episode that felt like a pilot for an Atom series and a woman that controlled robot bees there was some very important information where Cisco had flashbacks from an alternate reality where Dr. Wells vibrated his hand through his heart, killing him. But 22 out of 23 is amazing. There are shows with 12 episodes that waste about five of them.

Cool Special Effects

For a series on television that manage to do quite a lot with their special effects. I'm not sure how much each of these episodes cost but they make great use of whatever it is every week. There are shows with a character where you wait for that moment when they use their power. Like The Hulk with his transformations towards the end of every episode. Besides the villains, which I'll get to, they found ways to make a kid that could run fast interesting constantly. It wasn't like “Oh, he needs to clean the room. Now its clean!” This son of a bitch broke sound barriers, controlled tornadoes, and ran up buildings shattering every window and it looked cool every time.


Though there were some weekly new villains (not every week like Heroes did) what they did had consequences on later episodes. They weren't just locked up and forgotten about. Things that they did this week would have an effect on next week. If a villain was taken down a certain way it was brought up again if it was useful this week. This show did not have happy endings every week. There were cliffhangers a lot of times or when you thought everything was happy Dr. Wells would murder someone. Hell, Barry could just snatch his father out of jail and run him somewhere but his father tells him not to because he knows that if he did something bad could happen.

They Made Flash's Villains Cool

One of the things I knew about Flash was that his villains sucked. He had guys that shot a cold gun, a heat gun, a guy that moved in mirrors, a boomerang tosser, and a goddamn gorilla. It was one of the reasons why I didn't want to watch the show. Imagine my surprise when the show had been so good that by the time Gorilla Grodd showed up I cheered! They took villains with apparently silly powers or ones you've seen before and made them deadly. If you can make a smoke power cool you win. I notoriously hate smoke powers.

Actual Emotion

I swear if I was the type of person that cried I would have at least ten times while watching this show. The moments between Barry and his father, Joe, or Dr. Wells are some of the most touching scenes I have ever seen on television. Even though this is a comic book based series where you expect just punching and kicking they fit in a lot of scenes with folks crying about something.

Iris Finally Stopped Sucking

Candice Patton plays Iris West on the show. Barry has been in love with her since they were children but had never mentioned it to her even though everyone else could see it. She started writing about Flash before he even had a name calling him “The Streak.” Everyone told her to calm her shit because it would attract danger and she was like “I know what I'm doing!” and would end up in danger. I couldn't stand her. You know how on Dexter you wanted Rita gone so Dexter could be...Dexter? It was like that level of hatred for me. When she was in danger I would say “Do it. Kill her!” Thankfully she didn't die because in the last four or five episodes she calmed her shit and became a reasonable person.

They Made Me Care About The Flash

Like I said, I did not give a damn about this character. “Ooh. He runs fast. Whatever.” I am now interested in everything this character does. They got me. They didn't Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D it and start sucking halfway through or ruin history like Gotham or end on a whimper the way Constantine did. When the show took a break for a few weeks I lost my shit because I was used to getting a weekly dose of cool. This isn't just a good show based on a superhero. Its a good show period.

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