Monday, May 4, 2015

Mayweather/Pacquiao Stunk

You probably can't tell from the way my body looks, my hobbies, or my demeanor but I was a fan of boxing ever since I was a tiny little kid. I used to watch it all the time with my father on TV which NBC has recently started doing again and on PPV when it was worth it. Boxing was an event. We weren't going to order a sub par event. When I was little it was Sugar Ray Leonard, then Mike Tyson fights, then...I'm not sure. After he went crazy we'd just watch on TV or highlights on the news.

This past weekend there was the Floyd Mayweather Jr. versus Manny Pacquiao fight. Billed as the biggest fight in boxing history. $74 million at the gate. About $400 million in PPV sales. About $100 to order it. Millions for each fighter. Sponsors all over the place. Burger King came to the ring with Mayweather. It was weird. Not even cool weird. This entire PPV was weird. If this is the best that boxing has to offer then I am officially done with it.

For anyone that has never seen a Mayweather fight they probably wondered why he spent most of it covering up and not, like...punching. I have seen his fights so I knew what to expect from him. This fight was not about the title. It was about how much money was being generated for it. I wish this had taken place maybe five or six years ago when I gave more of a damn. I wanted to see this end in a TKO, KO, or stoppage by doctor. Manny's corner should have threatened to throw in the towel if he didn't make something happened which has been done in the past with fighters.

I knew there was trouble when Manny took a selfie as they headed to the ring. It was bullshit. This fight was bullshit. Manny said that his shoulder hurt before the fight but that they wouldn't let him take anything for it. Know what? Shut up about that. You can cancel the fight due to injury which wasn't gonna happen or not mention it till way later after the fight.

I would talk about the undercard but I have no idea who those boring ass guys were. In one fight the guy took a knee and in the other it was like watching a glorified punching bag move around the ring. When it was time for the main event we were more interested in the Clipper game. That was entertaining and I don't even like basketball. Jamie Foxx did the national anthem and we got a good laugh out of that.

After Manny punched Mayweather for 12 rounds and Mayweather covered up and jabbed it ended with a unanimous decision for Mayweather which was not surprising. You have to do something really wrong to get KO'd by Mayweather. 

After the fight Manny said he thought he won. I thought it should have been a draw. I was annoyed that Manny didn't stay on Mayweather when he had him against the ropes multiple times. He would and then just stop. It sucked and I hope both of these guys retire soon because if this was their best then boxing is wrecked. If you are a boxing fan this sucked and if you weren't it probably made you wonder why anyone even cares. 

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