Friday, April 25, 2014

When I Stopped Enjoying Boxing

I was listening to an old interview with Mike Tyson and it made me miss how much boxing I used to watch. Growing up I was into Tyson from the start. Me and my father would watch boxing for hours almost every weekend. Just turn to ABC and watch skinny ass dudes with helmets on or those random times when we would have cable and order a pay per view. Oh, kids don't even know how hard it was to watch a PPV when I was little. Guys would actually have to come to your house to hit switches on your box in order for you to watch an event.

Just had a senior moment.

So one day while watching the Olympics this kid gets into the ring and is just a monster. He wasn't tall or anything but he was built like a tank. Over time I watched this kid just destroy guys. If he didn't knock 'em out in the first round he would just wreck these poor bastards until they just passed out. I remember ordering PPV's where they would have to stack the undercard because they knew the main event would be over in less than a minute.

Of course over time that changed. The heavyweight scene became a joke. Uninteresting ass boxers that turned boxing into contests to see who could hold each other the longest until some fakakta judges had to judges had to decide who held each other best. Tyson went through his ups and downs and left the heavyweight division lacking. Then came Floyd Mayweather Jr.

This fucking guy.

I know that a lot of people think he is the best boxer in the world. He has never lost. Whatever. All I see when I look at him is a guy that is great at dodging people and sucker punching when he has the chance. Can you tell me who the heavyweight champion is? Just say its one of those brothers that are doctors that put on some of the most boring fights you will ever watch. Some say that MMA is what is killing boxing but that isn't close to true.

Boring matches are killing boxing. Even the worst MMA match can be better than most boxing matches nowadays. Even if two guys aren't throwing 'bows and trying to choke each other out there is at least the potential for something exciting to happen before the match ended. But in boxing by the second round you can stop paying attention and talk to whoever is in the room with you. I'm not saying that boxing needs to introduce more characters or anything. It wouldn't hurt, but they should. What they should do is get rid of all the belts. Just start from scratch. There are five heavyweight titles being held by Wladimir Klitschko and two are vacant. There are seventeen different weight classes. Come on, boxing. Be good again.

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