Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spoiler Alert: Agents Of SHIELD "Nothing Personal" Episode

I'm sure that a lot of people reading this gave up on watching Marvel Agents Of SHIELD. I know I did. When it comes to most shows I tend to have a good barometer of the public opinion. I'm like an organic Nielsen box. I stopped watching MAOS (because I am not typing the full name out constantly) because it started to remind me of Heroes where there seemed to be a new super powered villain every week and I was not having that nonsense. Also, there were too many beautiful people. I'm not kidding. There were far too many attractive people on the show and I got tired of it. Even the bad guys and girls were hot. “Oh, you were tortured for the last two years? Good thing they allowed you to do sit-ups eight times a day and shave your chest!” That goes for the ladies too.

The latest episode of the show called “Nothing Personal” was awesome and a good payoff for the past two to three months of buildup. The timing of this series has been synched with the Captain America: Winter Soldier movie so when SHIELD gets attacked by HYDRA in the show it is also happening in the movie which made me feel good about picking back up and watching this show. As you know (or should know) Agent Coulson was killed in The Avengers movie and came back but doesn't know much about what happened besides the idea of Tahiti.

Here come super spoilers!

Episodes ago with the help of The Clairvoyant (whose followers have alien based technology from the New York battle) who turned out to be Agent Garrett who was a close friend of Coulson's for years and trained Quinn Coulson got to see exactly what happened after he was killed by Loki. Instead of heaven in Tahiti like he thought he was experiencing he was actually having his brain put together and repaired by tiny robot arms while screaming for them to let him die. It is pretty intense. After that Coulson is mentally just fucked and his decision making skills come into question because you don't know if it is because of potential side effects of Project TAHITI.

After the attack on SHIELD by HYDRA you find out that Agent Quinn is a goddamn traitor. The whole time I am looking at Agent May thinking its her because she is being super shady. Skye is the first one to find out that he is a traitor but has to play along with him, even going so far as to still make-out with him. After traveling to a public place Skye alerts the police that Quinn is wanted by the FBI and she almost escapes until Dethlok snatches her. He threatens to kill Quinn but Skye won't allow it which makes no sense whatsoever! Let the fucker die. He isn't doesn't something like stealing money from banks. He is helping to take over the world and doing a good job of it.

May, after gathering clues left by Agent Hill digs up Coulson's grave goes off to find the rest of the team. Coulson and what is left of his team are confronted by special forces and after convincing Hill that Quinn is HYDRA they escape. Fitz, who I really can't stand looking at, flips out refusing to believe that Quinn is HYDRA. Coulson sneaks onto the Bus as Hill distracts Quinn from taking off in the plane. Coulson manages to get to Skye and she is like “Did you take out Dethlok?” and Coulson is like “Dethlok is here?!” and they jump into Coulson's flying car and have the scariest landing ever.

At a hotel the team tries to figure out what to do and Hill suggests that Coulson come work for Stark and he says “Tell him I said hi. Oh, wait. He thinks I'm dead.” Coulson heads back to his room later and May is there. She gives him the drive she dug up and he watches it. Its about Project TAHITI and who authorized it. It's fucking Coulson himself! He is saying that the project should be discontinued because of all the terrible side effects of it. It was created to bring back dead Avengers but is too unpredictable and the only way to fix that is to erase memories which is what happened to him.

It is a pretty damn cool episode and would've made a fine season finale. Actually the last two episodes would've been. There is one more episode left for this season and I can't even begin to think of how they will end it. As long as they continue to have some connection to the films (they have incorporated weapons and characters from Thor, alien technology, and agents from the movies) it'll keep on being good.

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