Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Review: The Intouchables

My cousin Mala has been trying to get me to see this French movie The Intouchables for years now. It stars François Cluzet as Philippe who is a very rich quadriplegic that is looking for a new helper since they don't tend to last very long due to all of the responsibilities. In walks Driss played by Omar Sy. He is just showing up to keep his welfare coming. He lives at home with his mother and a bunch of children and was recently released from prison.

Driss has no real desire to be hired and just wants them to sign his papers to keep getting his checks. Driss ends up getting kicked out of his mothers home and when he comes back the next day and finds out he is hired. He was the only applicant that didn't treat Philippe like he was handicapped. Driss gets him high, jokes with him, makes jokes about him, and just acts like he's any other person. Except for the butt wiping. He doesn't want any part of that.

This movie had me laughing my ass off so many times. I may not be selling it well but it is. This isn't what I was expecting when I started to know what it was about. This isn't the stereotypical “Hey, guy from the other side of the tracks shows up and makes everyone fun” movie. This had a real story to it and was based off of a true story. Of course lots of it were changed but they managed to get the friendship aspect down. I'd watch a series of movies with just these two guys.

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