Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Review: Seven Psychopaths

This will have spoilers. Last night I watched the crazy ass movie Seven Psychopaths. Its hard to even explain what its about because while it is a good movie I was more interested in the movie within the movie. Colin Farrell is Marty Freeman who is struggling to finish a script called Seven Psychopaths. 

For some reason he can't think of any good ones to create. He also has a drinking problem. His friend is Billy Bickle played by Sam Rockwell. He and Hans played by Christopher Walken steal folks dogs and bring them back for a reward.

One day they steal from the wrong guy named Charlie Costello played by an insanely in love with his dog Woody Harrelson. This guy cares more for this dog than any person in his life including his girlfriend who is sleeping with Billy. There is also a guy running around called the Jack of Diamonds that kills bad guys and leaves a jack of diamonds playing card behind. Charlie's men end up finding out where the stolen dogs are kept and shows up to get his dog Bonny back. Hans and Marty watched as the Jack of Diamonds kills the guys and leaves. All hell then breaks loose.

This movie is super violent but also cartoonish on some levels. Not something I'd let my kid watch because kids today like to imitate the most deadly parts of movies, not the most fun parts. I laughed a lot while watching this and tried to think of what movie it reminded me of. I thought of In Bruge and maybe Snatch. Turns out the director did In Bruge. Some really good acting, cool soundtrack, a lot of people in this I had no idea were, and I still want to see the movies of the movies in this movie.

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