Monday, June 8, 2015

The Review: Despicable Me

I finally got around to watching the movie Despicable Me which came out almost five years ago. It stars Steve Carell as Gru who is a super villain that is being out-shined by a villain that has been taking monuments from around the world. He ends up adopting these three girls to get them into the home of a villain to steal his shrink ray and head to the moon. I didn't like this movie. I get why some people would because crazy things happen and the voices are strange but it wasn't enough to keep me interested. An animated film shouldn't feel long.

All I knew about it was that there were little yellow creatures that sound like Shakira and Carell did the voice of the bad guy. The voice was immediately distracting to me. If there was no strange accent it would've helped me like this a tiny bit more. 

It felt like that movie Megamind where it was as if I jumped into some story that was past halfway done and I was playing catch up. There are some animated movies that make me laugh my ass off like Penguins of Madagascar or are all around good like How To Train Your Dragon 2. I didn't laugh a single time while watching this. I don't get why people love this so much.

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